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Roles & Responsibilities

By Judy


Jo and I are equally in "charge" so to speak. I depend a lot on Jo for support and

encouragement in all areas of the site. I will be away for a week and hope you will

contact Jo should you need to confer with someone on any aspect of the newsletter



She is busy but always willing to help, she has a lot of experience on chatting and html

etc webpage building, lots of contacts in the literary world and can find any type of

graphic you need as a rule. {G} So she will be a good one to turn to if you need a bit

of help.


Deane is also a major player here, he is the webmaster of the newsletter as well as the

poetry expert. He has offered to do our pages uploading them and whatever else

needs to be done. He will be getting your pages in shape for the net. He apparently

has contacts too that may be valuable resources so check with him if you need to

know about webstuff or html or whatever. Everything for the pages will have to be

approved by him.


Alyssa is in charge of email and possible the list server she will have to confer with

Deane on this as it will be in his ballpark as to the distribution of lists, webpage links

and html to put the lists etc on the pages. So it I hope you will work closely together

Deane and Alyssa in this part of the project. She will be the one to advise us all on this

and we should all be helping her if we can.


Chris: will be doing the word of the month, the theatrical screenplay and drama

section. I've seen her page and I think it is nice.


Deb: will be doing the organizing of us all, she has nicely done up our home page click

on the forum home page in the corner for a chat page she made so we can have the

info in one place for easier access, I contacted Deb and asked her to confer with Jo

on the chat and to discuss any developments in that area with Jo as her experience

with Prodigy will be a great help to Deb.


Starr: will be doing the member profiles and she is well on her way to doing that she

will have to confer with Jo and Dean to see what word count etc and format for her

profiles should be.


Phil: suggested to me that many chats should take place between the members here so

there is no problem knowing what is happening. If you have a question please direct it

to the person that is handling the area and ideally also to Jo or myself so we are kept

advised as to our progress. I think he is going to try to get to the chat it would be

good if you ask him about layout and word counts etc.


Zenmon: will work closely with Deane and Jo to get the backgrounds and graphics