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(Logging at 28-NOV-1998 13:52)

.Deb> We all need to exchange e-mail and ICQ....not everybody has each others

.Paige> true Deb!!

.Alyssa> well, I have to know for sure what the name of your column is so I can register ya.

.Deb> A...YES! Is that OK with you guys? do ya like it?

.Paige> you should maybe put that at the top of the agenda?

.Alyssa> did I spell it right?

.Alyssa> I like it

.Deb> Should wait until everybody gets here....some might be alte

.Alyssa> alte?

.Deb> catucopia

.Paige> I agree

.Deb> what is "alte"

.Alyssa> that's what I'm asking you! LOL!

.Alyssa> *getting ready to register Chris' email*

.Deb> She is going to reboot, gave her the message S

.Paige> k

.Deb> catUcopia

.Paige> great!

.Alyssa> it's registering! I'm good...

.Paige> lol Alyssa

.Deb> He posted some suggestions on the board and said he would save the rest for the chat

.Paige> I saw those

.Alyssa> brb guys, have to email Chris

.Paige> k Alyssa

.Deb> OK

.Deb> I have some ideas on the deadlines...hope everybody makes it today!

.Paige> me too! I printed your agenda out with the mission statement at the bottom for handy reference <G>

.Paige> <---kiss up

.Paige> lol

.Deb> LOL!!!

.Deb> my printer quit so I had to write it out!

.Paige> OH NO!!!!

.Paige> I would DIE without my printer!!!

.Alyssa> I'm back! done with that one!

.Paige> Hello Phil

.Deb> Hi! Phil

.Alyssa> PHIL!!!!

.Cougr7> Hi, one day I'll learn how to change the nick .

.Paige> I can tell ya how <G>

.Deb> Judy is trying to get here

.Alyssa> *had a little too much caffeine*

.Cougr7> oh it went from user name huh to cougr, interesting

.Cougr7> nevermind if it works:)

.Deb> mine goes from BR5469 to Deb

.Alyssa> mine does that too.

.Paige> the "HUH777" is what you're registered under, the "Cougr7" is what you chose to go bye.

.Alyssa> they hate us.

.Deb> they who?

.Cougr7> Yes I guess..that was a mistake at the time .

.Alyssa> the delphi people.

.Alyssa> *scary music*

.Deb> they quit sending me all the notifications....I think we overloaded them! LOL

.Cougr7> heh, Alyssa

.Paige> *sends Judy "get in here" dust* LOL

.Alyssa> it quit sending mine too, I think...

.Alyssa> and everybody knows I don't talk much ;)

.Cougr7> So how are the scheduled chats going? I mean the rest Stop chats?

.Paige> Mine started sending again Deb, sometime between last night and this A.M.

.Deb> trying to get Judy...brb

.Paige> they seem to be going fine. If we keep it at the same time each week like we have been, will eliminate a lot of problems

.Alyssa> goofy but productive

.Cougr7> I have to warn you...I typo a lot cause I type too fast in these. Great on chats. Do you plan to run them full-time?

.Deb> don't know if she is still online or answer

.Alyssa> typos keep things interesting.

.Deb> these chats?

.Paige> we "all" typo! <G>

.Alyssa> lasso her modem strings and pull 'er in here...

.Deb> LOL!

.Paige> we "gotta" have Judy! Is Jo coming??

.Cougr7> IT doesn't look like that group has a lot of activity tho. I wanted to ask Judy if she would be interested...or the chat coord here..

.Deb> interested in doing what?

.Cougr7> Well, places like Talkcity...get a lot of traffic?

.Alyssa> I had a talkcity chat once and it sucked...

.Cougr7> Can you guys stand getting into a place where you would draw even more members?

.Deb> I have a mirror site on talkcity

.Cougr7> You ran one Alyssa?

.Alyssa> I tried. I sorta never really was able to do anything.

.Paige> Well I for one don't understand it. I seem to be the only netscape user that ISN'T having problems with delphi. ???

.Paige> I've never used talkcity.

.Cougr7> Delphi is okay but I think it will be limited for the audience you'll have

.Alyssa> this is the only thing my new IE 5 seems to work on..

.Deb> this is my first experience with moderating a chat....never really chatted until I found Delphi about 2 months ago

.Alyssa> *hates IE 5 Beta*

.Deb> Jo is experienced at it tho

.Cougr7> Oh Deb, there is a whole world out there. All are competing for "chatters"

.Paige> I moderate on mIRC all the time, not hard to do there.

.Deb> I only had the puter since Feb!

.Alyssa> I got mirc, but as soon as I installed my computer decided it didn't like me anymore and I had to delete it.

.Cougr7> NO I ran a writers cafe there way back Paige...I like IRC

.Paige> me too Phil!!

.Cougr7> too bad Alyssa its not a bad client for that

_** FOXGLOVE7 just joined "Rest Stop Newsletter Staff Room" (5 members now) **

.Alyssa> HA

.Paige> JUDY!!

.Alyssa> it's JUDY!!!!

.Deb> You finally made it! YEAH!!!

.Judy> Hi gang sorry had to reboot to get back into delphi

.Alyssa> hello!

.Cougr7> Hi Jusy:)

.Cougr7> Judy that is :)

.Alyssa> Jude-meister

.Judy> Hi phil deb a good to see you all

.Paige> I love irc Phil, it's so much faster than here, but not everyone has an IRC client.

.Judy> hi kid killing any chickens today?

.Alyssa> nah. mice.

.Judy> I hate chatting

.Deb> Is Jo going to be here?

.Cougr7> I know Paige...we'll have to talk about it sometime.

.Judy> yes she is going to be a bit late and so is Chris

.Paige> hope Chris can get in!

.Deb> OK...shall we get started?

.Judy> I am not good at this chat stuff

.Paige> she had problems last week

.Cougr7> I finally found the right analogy between forum and chat tho, I think

.Cougr7> Forums are like slo-motion chat

.Judy> go ahead deb first item on agenda

.Deb> Have we decided on a mission statement?

.Judy> yes phil LOL

.Alyssa> an ad for tarot readings on my delphi screen. killer.

.Deb> I read cards!

.Judy> ok me too

.Alyssa> i know!

.Cougr7> Does it predict a good NL?

.Judy> LOL

.Alyssa> lol

.Judy> did you all see my example of

.Deb> Mission Statement....what will it be or are we gonna leave that for later?

.Judy> no lets get it over with now

.Cougr7> You had some good statement samples I saw

.Alyssa> I saw it, but I forgot what it said.

.Deb> Yes... I liked it except for wimps...need a better word

.Alyssa> wussies

.Judy> well first part was serious second funny

.Paige> "We ever strive to provide a resourceful newsletter for all writers. We look forward to assisting the novice and challenging the experienced, and providing support and encouragement to all. Our

.Paige> publication will be informative and entertaining, with a little bit of a twist!

.Judy> some feel it should all be slightly comical I feel the first part should be serious

.Deb> I think maybe even them out ...kind of equal in humor and seriousness

.Judy> that is better paige

.Judy> we ever is not good tho

.Paige> no? k. I didn't like "striving"...sounded like we still aren't there yet. <G>

.Judy> more positive statement needed there

.Cougr7> You can always edit later. Get the basic tenants down and you're set really. Should reflect the Rest Stop philosophy too

.Deb> Chris said too many "ing" in there

.Deb> she was right!

.Judy> ok in general then it should do as it is with a bit of rewording then did we get everything we needed there phil?

.Paige> Okay, so we have the basics, it's minor changes then on the mission statement?

.Cougr7> what are the key points?

.Judy> philosophy is helping the new writer really without overwhelming

.Judy> providing support motivation encouragement to all writers

.Deb> and providing the established writer with information & entertainment

.Cougr7> assisting the novice and challenging the experienced

.Judy> good deb

.Judy> oh that's good phil write that down deb

.Cougr7> she did:)

.Judy> LOL

.Cougr7> thats copied from prev,

.Paige> LOL

.Judy> oh sorry

.Cougr7> its a good wide one tho:0

.Alyssa> lol

.Cougr7> Judy the statement for the RS? IS this one and the same?

.Judy> well the reason this all got started was there was TOO much stuff out there for a new person

.Cougr7> s'ok judy you've seen a lot of drafts I know

.Deb> OK so are we agreed it just needs fine tuned?

.Judy> so the idea is to have a simple little newsletter that provides info but not a million things to confuse

.Deb> content is basically decided, just needs perfected?

.Paige> I think so Deb

.Judy> yes i think the concept of the mission statement is basically set just have to fine tune not a prob on to next unless anyone else has a comment?

.Cougr7> I think you have it yeah. So pick one writer. DO a final draft for comment and finish it:)

.Judy> lol I can do that phil

.Cougr7> I'll shut up now.

.Judy> jump in when you have to LOL

.Deb> Good...I want to move on to the deadline thing...I have some ideas that "might" work

.Judy> go

.Deb> I suggest we set the first publication date for January 1......

.Judy> good agree here

.Deb> and the first deadline to get columns to Phil by dec 10....

.Judy> agree

.Deb> that should leave time to edit and publish....

.Judy> votes comments

.Deb> We need to keep these dates for every publication that way they are regular and known....YES?

.Cougr7> Consider coming out with it before the first of the month?

.Judy> consistent yes, good phil is this workable

.Deb> When & why?

.Cougr7> i think most pubs come out like the thirtieth or so?

.Judy> goo we can be different

.Cougr7> the date can be Jan 1 Feb 1

.Deb> I know you have a reason for suggesting that...didn't mean to sound abrupt!

.Judy> not goo good LOL

.Cougr7> works for me either way

.Alyssa> Jan 1, 1999. sounds ominous...

.Judy> LOL

.Alyssa> we're going to publish or first newsletter on doomsday? lol

.Cougr7> but will the designer be hung over enuff to put the NL up on the 1st?

.Paige> I think it would be even better if we could get a month ahead with same deadline dates....if something comes up, there is time for changes. no??...just a thought

.Judy> well I don't know everyone is on holiday no doomsday is 2000

.Deb> I think we could have it up before then and just send it out on the first

.Judy> what do you mean paige?

.Alyssa> not necessarily Judy...LOL Phil!

.Deb> That is what I had in mind too Paige

.Judy> LOL phil

.Judy> I think email on the first then it is easy to remember

.Deb> You never know what will happen so if we are ahead on articles and editing, we won't have any surprises? Paige?

.Judy> 10th gives you time phil to be ruthless so we can revise

.Cougr7> I'm not sure about editorial DL. Two weeks lead gives plenty of time.

.Cougr7> heh

.Cougr7> Didnt know if you read that post.

.Deb> We do expect ruthless way to learn...if you are willing?

.Judy> I can write articles in no time for this don't worry about me

.Paige> That's what I was thinking yes. Things happen all the time, illness etc

.Cougr7> With that much lead time it will be easier to send comments or copy back or forth

.Deb> That is what I was hoping! Should give Deane enough time too

.Judy> as this is a learning experience for all it will be good to allow the time I think

.Cougr7> I dont need a lot of time to review them. Some writers may send theirs early.

.Judy> once the format etc is set it shouldn't take long when we get into it

.Cougr7> I hope its more fun than work for you guys

.Paige> if we send Marches stuff in by Jan 10 (means working harder till then tho), then Aprils in by Feb 10..we stay ahead by a full solid month!

.Judy> oh thinking paige good idea

.Deb> some may be late too, this should give enough lee time for late ones Yes?

.Judy> thinking star.....

.Cougr7> Ok, so what is the route the copy will take? Judy > Phil> Judy (JO) > Designer?

.Paige> that would mean getting Jan to him by Dec 10, then Feb's to him by Jan 1, if possible.

.Judy> help

.Paige> good question Phil!

.Deb> I say we send to all 3 at the same time

.Judy> - signed off -

.Deb> hope she make it back!

.Paige> help, then signed off????

.Deb> knocked off

.Cougr7> No Deb I dont think that will the same time

.Paige> *listening*

.Cougr7> Judy and Jo? need to decide if they want to review first and comment to writers

.Deb> Judy & jo want to see before and after editing

.Cougr7> OR do they just want to start the editing process then.

.Deb> not sure of the purpose....

.Cougr7> The writers just need one place to send to..avoid confusion

.Paige> Okay, so we send to Judy and Jo....fix what they suggest, then send to phil?

.Deb> have to wait for Judy to get back on that one

.Paige> I personally don't mind sending in different directions....but that is just me

.Cougr7> Well, because the columns are supposed to follow certain...topics/focus? And if those articles are way off then that point could be Judys or Jos responsibility?

.Deb> I don't mind either....don't think they want to edit just see what we have

.Cougr7> Paige, when dealing with lots of material its best to simplify everything poss., including where to send:)

.Deb> We haven't really discussed that....good point

.Paige> You have a point Phil

.Cougr7> Then we know exactly where in the process all material is

.Cougr7> Thats what I mean Deb

.Deb> I think judy trusted that we would write about what we should be....guess that shouldn't be a given

.Cougr7> Trust is good. But passion sometimes leads people to far away places:)

.Deb> LOL! true

.Paige> *g*

.Paige> Chris is trying to get in

_** .Chris just joined "Rest Stop Newsletter Staff Room" (5 members now) **

.Cougr7> Oh I see the riff raff is welcome too??

.Deb> I ramble on the boards, but that helps me to keep it out of my writing....hope so anyway!

.Cougr7> Feel like i already met chris in the forums. Hi Chris

.Alyssa> morning chris!

.Chris> Riff raff?

.Paige> Hey Chris

.Deb> Hi Chris!

.Cougr7> heh jk chris..they let me in too:)

.Deb> are you calling us riff raff?

.Chris> Evening, Alyssa! it's 7.45 pm here

.Chris> Hi Phil!

.Chris> Impressive they let you in too

.Paige> lol

.Cougr7> That is true.:)

.Deb> Its 2:45 here but A hasn't been up for long! LOL

.Chris> What ya been' discussin'?

.Alyssa> I call all times morning.

.Deb> deadlines

.Deb> content

.Cougr7> Well we found a tarot company that will predict NL outcomes?

.Chris> Hmmmm

.Deb> Lost Judy....hope she comes back!

.Paige> lol

.Chris> LOL

.Deb> LOL!

.Paige> Judy is still offline..might be rebooting. ??

.Alyssa> lol

.Deb> I hope so

.Chris> Wot a lot o' larfter

.Cougr7> I'm bad, have to ignore me.

.Deb> Some things only she or Jo can answer

.Paige> larfter?

_** .Judy just joined "Rest Stop Newsletter Staff Room" (6 members now) **

.Deb> writing with an accent!

.Chris> Bad is better 'n good, eh? LOL

.Paige> wb Judy!!!

.Alyssa> that sounds weird. "somethings only she or jo can answer"

.Deb> you did make it back!

.Cougr7> heh chris

.Chris> wot about deadlines?

.Alyssa> wb Jud!

.Judy> sorry had to change to html chat this sucks

.Chris> Hi Judy - how long can you stay

.Deb> OK lets get back to sending our articles

.Paige> until she's bumped back off

.Paige> k Deb

.Deb> We send where first?

.Chris> LOL

.Judy> ok go ahead i can catch up

.Chris> What

.Cougr7> Ok, Judy may want to review articles first, before editing?

.Paige> Judy, should we send to you first, or Jo first????

.Chris> What's the deadline for column pieces for first issue?

.Deb> We need your you and Jo want them before Phil?

.Paige> Dec 10 Chris, I think

.Judy> did we decide deadlines yet?

.Deb> Chris....Dec 10

.Chris> K

.Cougr7> I think at least for the first edition Judy?

.Chris> got mine anyway

.Judy> yes send to us first we can review and see the whole thing first

.Deb> working on mine...

.Cougr7> Someone has to track the articles also.

.Chris> There was a *you* in front of the sentence

.Alyssa> everybody needs everybody else's email address.

.Cougr7> Status of...raw, edited proofed..formatted...

.Deb> then you will send to phil, or us for content suggestions?

.Cougr7> status=

.Paige> .

.Chris> How formatted?

.Judy> each person to do an intro article jo and i will do an editorial type intro

.Chris> Who do we send intro articles to?

.Cougr7> Judy, tracking ? You or Jo...can make a list of writers contributing..then when each came in and where it is now...

.Judy> jo and i with phils help if he is willing will with dean figure out what goes in each issue

.Deb> So send to you and Jo at the same time, first?

.Judy> each issue basically same format

.Deb> By Dec 10?

.Judy> as soon as you have your article done send to jo and I

.Chris> Done

.Deb> no later than....

.Judy> I will do that phil

.Cougr7> Judy, who will follow the articles progress to the Web site?

.Cougr7> ok

.Deb> Mine is almost done, but we do need a date

.Chris> Judy said Dec 10, is that right?

.Judy> I am having a hard time with this chat have to keep scrolling first thing we should do is get a better chat forum

.Paige> mIRC

.Paige> lol

.Cougr7> THE MSIE seems okay for this format?

.Judy> what is this irq is it better?

.Alyssa> i can't get mirc...

.Chris> Uh?

.Cougr7> Does Mirc work here too?

.Deb> i never mirc either

.Paige> no Phil

.Judy> what is msie that is what I am using and it keeps kicking me out

.Paige> Alyssa, there is pirch and ircle...several to choose from. There are irc clients especially for Mac's too

.Cougr7> I havent used Pirch...could judy use something like that?

.Cougr7> ok

.Alyssa> isn't it hard to learn how to use though?

.Deb> is it different from this?

.Judy> well don't worry about it I don't do this much so should be fine *S*

.Paige> ya catch on quick. it's different a little. I can only coach with mIRC. All I've ever used

.Deb> you and Jo edit for content Right?

.Cougr7> Judy maybe this is why you dont like chat? There are better clients for this chat stuff.

.Chris> I'm lost here! LOL

.Judy> ok phil when is the deadline you need for your editing for about 6 writers? short columns?

.Deb> Then send back to us or to Phil?

.Cougr7> the tenth is fine...

.Judy> yes phil can't read and type and scroll is hard here

.Paige> I think we should stick with Dec 10. That's the date that was thrown out there, so lets stick with that

.Cougr7> give me 2 days to review and edit

.Chris> K

.Cougr7> depends on how long it takes for revisions from writers takes

.Cougr7> I dont know what to expect yet as to level of revisions that might be needed

.Deb> depends on how bad we do it the first time! LOL

.Judy> ok then paige is right we need to have an issue ahead as I can't guarantee my review in just a day or two

.Cougr7> Yeah the first couple will take longer for everyone.

.Paige> mIRC isn't like this Judy, it's lightning speed compared to this chat, and no scrolling necessary with it either. I can coach you privately on that some other time if you wish, goes for everyone.

.Chris> An issue ahead is good -- a safeguard

.Deb> Since the first is short and introductory....we need to start working on the next one and get it in as soon as possible with the 3rd one being due january 10

.Paige> I agree...always best to stay ahead of the game!

.Cougr7> Paige you should ask Delphi if you can use MIRC here

.Judy> ok lets look at mirc or irq paige

.Chris> mIRC - may I join the class, Paige?

.Cougr7> the server addy..

.Deb> me too!

.Alyssa> how long do you think it'll take to learn it Paige?

.Cougr7> not long for MIRC

.Judy> paige and deb can look at alternate chat stuff ok you guys or is that asking too much of you?

.Paige> sure.....I can do Phil, but mIRC is a separate doesn't integrate with the webpage like this chat does.

.Chris> Do we have to download anything?

.Paige> yes Chris

.Deb> Since the first is short and introductory....we need to start working

.Deb> on the next one and get it in as soon as possible with the 3rd one being

.Deb> due january 10

.Alyssa> I'll give it a shot and see if I've got the time to learn it. I got lots going on...

.Chris> Thanks. Let me know more later - privately, OK?

.Deb> YES???

.Judy> no problem for me deb

.Judy> what is dean doing with that page he seems not to have done a lot just yet?

.Deb> Does that work for everyone? then we will be on schedule--1 month ahead

.Paige> I agree Deb. I think Feb's should be due on the 1st, Marches due on the Jan 10th......only gives 2 week intervals, but after that it will be one a month and we'll be ahead of the game

.Chris> Jan 10 is OK as long as I know well in advance what is needed.

.Alyssa> *thinks she can handle it*

.Chris> A month ahead is excellent

.Judy> yes those dates are fine with me we can post them on the site now.

.Deb> good...

.Paige> And if we have some problematic areas, we'll still have Feb's ready on time, and time to work on March's if necessary

.Chris> Deane is working on it - had a chat with him coupla days ago.

.Deb> OK what next? copyright info?

.Judy> oh good chris so we need an email format to send out, a list server A did you get anything goin there?

.Deb> brb

.Judy> recap mission statement decided/deadlines decided/one issue ahead decided/ agreed?

.Chris> Agreed, Judy

.Paige> agreed by me

.Alyssa> a listserver? i thought deane was doing that?

.Deb> agreed

.Cougr7> Reminds me, will there be subscriptions to the NL?

.Deb> we need to start taking those?

.Deb> so we have someone to send the first issue?

.Judy> the list server and I thought we could all add all our friends LOL

.Cougr7> Thats the list serv you mentioned? heh Judy

.Alyssa> i know somebody who I think will want on it...

.Chris> Got no friends! :(

.Cougr7> and enemies, dont forget:)

.Judy> So dean is doing the listserver thing then A?

.Alyssa> i thought so...

.Paige> Phil has a point. Especially if we use a listserver we "need" a subscription! can't just send to anyone, spam laws??

.Deb> I have internet friends I can send the first giving them the option to subscribe!

.Judy> oh especially enemies phil

.Cougr7> heh

.Deb> I suggested in one of the other chats we also list it with the free sites

.Cougr7> for spam info that FTC

.Alyssa> I've got friends that'll actually subscribe VOLUNTARILY. WOW.

.Chris> I can rustle up a few recipients for first issue, I think :)

.Judy> I have all the rest stop people , we then put a listserver box on all our webpages etc

.Cougr7> they have an email addy now too. You can forward spam to them, for fun and for review

.Paige> Oh so can I Chris.

.Deb> We need to check & see how to get into Netscapes Inbox direct...

.Chris> Good, Paige! <S>

.Paige> I will look into spam laws and find out what we can and cannot do. It may not be considered spam if we aren't selling anything..not sure.

.Deb> I know SPAM laws!!!

.Paige> Thanks for the addy Phil!

.Judy> I'll talk to dean we should set that up now on the forum and websites to get subscriptions before the first issue comes out

.Cougr7> Paige? Federal Trade Commission >

.Paige> does this fall under them Deb?

.Cougr7> yeah they govern spam

.Chris> Otherwise we won't be distributing it to anyone!

.Alyssa> The Great Governor of Spam...

.Cougr7> i dont think what you're doing is a prob tho paige

.Deb> For it not to be spam, you must have a real name and address and a disclaimer about if you did not subscribe to this where to unsubscribe

.Paige> k Phil

.Deb> If sent to one person at a time it is not SPAM, only when sent to multiple recipients

.Paige> oh kewl Deb....if that covers it, then we just need to make sure that's in there then

_** STORMDANCED just joined "Rest Stop Newsletter Staff Room" (7 members now) **

.Alyssa> howdy jo

.Paige> Hiya Jo

.Judy> I'm not worried about that we send out the first one to all our writing contacts etc and to everyone on our writing email lists even other newsletters and then see what happens put a subscription thing in the email

.Chris> Hi Jo!

.Deb> I can copy one from an e-mail I got recently and post it so everyone can read it

.Paige> I agree Judy, that should work fine!

.Deb> HI JO!

.Stormdanced> Hi Everyone!

.Chris> Agree, Judy

.Stormdanced> Sorry..I got caught up in the million posts on the forum..<G>

.Judy> good idea deb then I will try to make up a sample email of the first issue

.Deb> OK

.Deb> Will post this log too same as the others

.Paige> And we can all gather our email contacts for their first complimentary issue <G>

.Chris> k

.Chris> Thanks Deb

.Judy> jo quick recap/deadlines decided/ one issue ahead each month/copy to you and me first/we send to phil

.Stormdanced> Thank you for the recap..

.Deb> OK....Dear Tabby....will she appear in the first issue?

.Judy> phil edits sends back for corrections/we get it get it in shape for dean/forward to dean/he puts it up/

.Deb> thanks Judy

.Stormdanced> good..*s*

.Judy> I think we should have everyone in the first issue yes dear tabby is great we can make up our first ones or ask for them in the forum

.Stormdanced> Dear Tabby should appear..yes

.Chris> Good idea Judy :)

.Deb> I thought so....are you going to post in the forum?

.Chris> Do you want a first-issue exercise?

.Stormdanced> How about current publishing info?

.Judy> yes chris good thinking

.Deb> Chris...Yes!

.Chris> K

.Stormdanced> That's what they're looking for..what did you decide about how to do that?

.Cougr7> That could be a column Jo?

.Paige> GOTTA have the exercise Chris! lol

.Cougr7> column=

.Stormdanced> Okay..agree, Phil..all on one page?

.Chris> LOL Phil!

.Stormdanced> Less confusion?

.Judy> phil?? concern?

.Deb> Are we going to list contest from other sites too?

.Cougr7> oh you mean...yes publisher info

.Chris> Hup, two, three, four..... Paige! LOL

.Paige> lol

.Alyssa> brb

.Cougr7> acknowledgements to writers could be done separate also or at end of columns

.Judy> anybody seen Lady Dios?

.Deb> paying contests, publishing contests?

.Stormdanced> No, Judy

.Paige> Deb, if we have them, I think we should

.Stormdanced> I don't even know her at all..<G>

.Cougr7> Deb those are all good column ideas

.Chris> Dunno, Deb

.Deb> haven't heard from her or seen her on any of the boards lately

.Judy> yes we should put contests on from all over if we can

.Alyssa> back.

.Paige> We need a contest researcher then. lol

.Chris> Yes - why not? Just realized what you mean, Deb!

.Stormdanced> You're putting the contests and publishing info on the same page?

.Cougr7> I thought Jo meant where to also? current news

.Deb> right P

.Stormdanced> heck..I can't spell today

.Judy> maybe each person present can just put on here what they are doing as their own project in this?

.Stormdanced> yes, Phil

.Cougr7> You're doing that one, Jo?

.Stormdanced> I am?

.Deb> Do we all put publishing info on our page or to keep confusion down separate it on one page?

.Stormdanced> <G> I don't do anything, Phil..I'm lazy

.Cougr7> good, you need some hard info to draw readers too

.Stormdanced> yes

.Cougr7> heh jo...move over:)

.Chris> Guess I could research contests, but not until I've moved house!

.Stormdanced> that's what they're looking for..

.Deb> how do we do it?

.Cougr7> will get letters

.Judy> each column should have one fully developed writing tip in it every issue

.Stormdanced> Oh..sympathy to ya Chris..I broke two nails and a toe moving..<G>

.Chris> Oh, PAINFUL!!!


.Stormdanced> <G>

.Cougr7> Judy, I presume you re taking creative submissions too? from member s of Rest Stop?

.Chris> Agree, Judy. Do we include that in the first issue?

.Cougr7> all work and no play...

.Deb> J...writing tip, or publishing contact? or both?

.Judy> well no we hadn't thought of that or at least I haven't we do the creative stuff in the challenge area

.Paige> I think we should. Submissions from non editors put in their own column once they start submitting? advertise for this???

.Paige> just a thought

.Stormdanced> You mean creative writing, Phil?

.Cougr7> definitely, you need a way to keep members involved...

.Stormdanced> or articles?

.Stormdanced> We can link to the challenge pages?

.Paige> articles Jo

.Chris> Submit to their own columns, or under columns with related headings?

.Cougr7> creative...fiction poetry...I guess

.Judy> Maybe the short story of the month? The poem of the month?

.Cougr7> sure judy

.Deb> my column has no specific genre

.Stormdanced> ahh..we have some challenges..and they are open to non Rest Stop Members, phil..would that work?

.Cougr7> The staff can choose those for publication

.Chris> I think probably enter submissions linked to regular columns?

.Chris> columns=

.Judy> feel home and family could be a short on anything to do with that deb

.Paige> I think it should be limited to a certain number of articles accepted, and the editors in chief choose those from the submissions. no?

.Cougr7> challenges? jo

.Cougr7> make them become members

.Stormdanced> I set up a theme each month

.Deb> I love Jos challenges!

.Stormdanced> poetry, too

.Chris> Can always invent new challenges and exercises in Rest Stop as well as for Newsletter

.Judy> each columnist could make up a little writing thing each moth and publish the best entry maybe?

.Cougr7> just ask with an email and the submission that they sign up at the same time

.Chris> Love your themes Jo!

.Deb> who decides what is "best"

.Paige> good question Deb

.Cougr7> I guess that means they sign in with a password? how do you find RS members?

.Paige> good idea Phil!

.Stormdanced> yes..that might draw them, Judy...the join..Phil's right there

.Chris> Think you're right, Jo

.Judy> Deb if it was a contest each columnist would decide what was best with consultation with jo and I

.Stormdanced> It's just there

.Stormdanced> Phil

.Cougr7> and if you start marketing the newsletter....with links at sites

.Deb> OK

.Stormdanced> it's linked all over..<G>

.Cougr7> you are widening the real world audience as well

.Judy> great Jo

.Deb> are we aiming to increase the Rest Stop population with this?

.Cougr7> its an incentive at least...until you start you're "big money" contests" lol

.Alyssa> brb

.Stormdanced> Oh..careful about contests..

.Judy> I like the award thing too guys what do you all think?

.Paige> why is that Jo?

.Stormdanced> Hmm...I'd hold on until later..<G>

.Cougr7> well if ultimately you want sponsors judy

.Stormdanced> just a thought

.Deb> The award will draw subs

.Cougr7> you might get sponsors to kick in a prize...

.Stormdanced> Yes...

.Deb> ultimately we want sponsors....paying ones

.Cougr7> contests have to be legal of course

.Paige> Jo, I think we meant for that to "be" later anyway, but it's a thought worth thinking about!

.Alyssa> back.

.Stormdanced> yes it is, Paige..*S*

.Judy> yes I think that the award thing should be in the first issue and we should choose a site to award it to

.Chris> But later, Jo?

.Deb> surprise them with it?

.Judy> we could ask on the forum which sites are the best writing sites and award to the one most like?

.Stormdanced> Well, Chris, I believe there is a lot to look into for stuff

.Stormdanced> Phil?

.Chris> Good thinking, Judy

.Stormdanced> Great Judy!

.Chris> Think Jo has a point

.Chris> point=

.Deb> sounds good Judy...I think we have several conversations going at once! LOL

.Judy> I think contests should be left until we are underway and down the road a few months they are a lot of work

.Alyssa> I've got the Acatemy award graphic done. I don't know what to do with it though.

.Stormdanced> *I* just wanna talk about chocolate..<G>

.Paige> I agree with Judy

.Alyssa> LOL jo

.Paige> lol Jo


.Stormdanced> Yes, Judy..agree

.Alyssa> there it sets on my hard drive...meowing at me.

.Deb> cheesecake, ice cream , I'm hungry!

.Chris> CHOCOLATE*****

.Stormdanced> yum!!!

.Alyssa> mom's making me ham and gravy

.Stormdanced> <G>

.Judy> ok Alyssa post it o the forum so we can see it I will make up an award page for it.

.Cougr7> Judy do you have Barnes & Noble here yet?

.Alyssa> ok Jud!

.Deb> Has anyone found a disclaimer to start from?

.Stormdanced> Judy has it on Rest Stop

.Judy> yes I do not that it doing anything phil LOL

.Stormdanced> Phil

.Stormdanced> It will, Judy

.Cougr7> ok I'd ask them if they want to sponsor in more depth?

.Stormdanced> <G>

.Chris> I read it. Seems OK, but what do I know? <G>

.Stormdanced> yes...send them the forum address, Judy

.Deb> no...I mean a real legal disclaimer

.Stormdanced> We're way at the top on Delphi

.Judy> LOL I already have my own little contest on my bookpage and asked them to help me and they said no phil

.Chris> Ooops! Sorry Deb! ;)

.Cougr7> Ask if they want to sponsor a monthly writing ...award or such

.Stormdanced>'s worth a try

.Paige> Judy, I think that's because it hides on your site. It doesn't really stand out. maybe if you had a direct link under your name it would help out. ???

.Paige> Judy, worst they can do is say no <G>

.Judy> oh good idea phil I can do that yes.....

.Deb> the worst they can do is say more persuasive, mention the traffic we get, show #s

.Stormdanced> Mention your spot on Delphi, Judy

.Paige> show numbers!

.Cougr7> Do you want to put ads in the NL?

.Judy> yes I can work on that area over the next few months I have a few other contacts like that

.Deb> guesstimate a subscription #

.Paige> quesstimate?

.Stormdanced> Someone has a list of all the departments now?

.Deb> make them want a link on the NL

.Cougr7> IF they know there is traffic they will consider it ...most sponsors are looking for audience..just like writers

.Stormdanced> I've been....not here..<G>

.Judy> Phil we thought we'd have a classified section yes

.Cougr7> classified?

.Stormdanced> We have thousands of posts in a short time

.Deb> Who will handle that page?

.Judy> no charge just yet for the classifieds tho

.Deb> advertise for crit partners,....

.Paige> this could be "really" good if publishes subscribed also!!

.Stormdanced> Wanted: Crit partner

.Stormdanced> <G>

.Cougr7> i wonder if you could set that up as a separate section in RS?

.Cougr7> You sure you want to mail classifieds in a NL?

.Chris> <G> Jo

.Judy> well like writers markets etc phil

.Cougr7> that is a draw for the forum site tho?

.Stormdanced> Phil..what do you advise?

.Deb> most sites I have looked at have some sort of classified

.Paige> hmm....another point Phil! could advertise our classified section at the RS in the NL. ??

.Cougr7> Classifieds are probably a lot of work...i think the forum should have them separately?

.Judy> the newsletter phil is really just an informational networking kind of thing to start with if we get big we can consider the commercial stuff

.Deb> that is where they put marketing links, publishers looking for writers...

.Stormdanced> Okay..I can set them up under another ID on here?

.Deb> articles needed for pay

.Cougr7> another way to find members...sign in to read market classifieds?

.Stormdanced> with it's own email address

.Judy> yes deb not a big commercial thing just advertising places of interest to writers

.Chris> So do we really want to do classifieds in the first issue?

.Paige> no time for the first issue I dont' think Chris

.Cougr7> no i think you need to show how many people you can attract to the NL and Rest Stop...before ads will come freely

.Stormdanced> I think just set a page like Phil said and show the link in the newsletter ?

.Deb> classifieds=marketing info? One column different name?

.Judy> well lets make a distinction here between the email and the webpage

.Alyssa> I've got to go for a little while and eat. bbl. I'll catch up when I read the chat transcript...

.Stormdanced> Bye Alyssa!

.Deb> see ya Alyssa!

.Paige> by Alyssa

.Chris> Yes. Agree, Jo

.Cougr7> bye Alyssa

.Stormdanced> Eat chocolate!

.Alyssa> bye! (I'm leaving the PC in the chat till i get back)

.Chris> Bye fore now

.Alyssa> LOL

.Judy> email newsletter should be short offer minimum little tips and the links to the sebpage where they'll find the info in detail??

.Stormdanced> yes Judy!

.Judy> ok A bye now

.Deb> classifieds=marketing info? One column different name?

.Paige> Yes Judy! Sounds good!

.Chris> Yes, Judy - webpage!! LOL

.Stormdanced> Newsletters are a pain when they're huge

.Judy> so really the only thing that will be mailed out will be the highlights of the website for the NL

.Cougr7> Deb, market info...thats something someone writes for the seeking writers, or publishers

.Deb> I think the e-mail would work best like that.

.Chris> Yes - attract them to the website, Judy

.Stormdanced> I like to see Market info and contest info on the same that what you are all thinking?

.Chris> Think so, Jo!

.Deb> I was thinking separate pages

.Cougr7> try those in the can always move them to your site if it gets too big

.Deb> either way

.Judy> I hate getting big long newsletters, lets just put in a few good tips and then maybe they'll want to come to the website if not that's ok too

.Stormdanced> And, with individual genres, etc...their own info at the bottom of their pages?

.Chris> Could depend on how much info we have on each subject

.Chris> Yes, Jo

.Deb> and how readers respond...what info they want

.Cougr7> ok how bout whoever 's writing the market info/contests...

.Stormdanced> How about me being clear since I'm supposed to be a writer? <G>

.Paige> lol

.Cougr7> highlights the info...but you keep the full listing on the site?

.Chris> Got to play it by ear to a certain extent - until we get feedback and response, Deb?

.Paige> I have to leave call...will be right back

.Paige> - signed off -

.Stormdanced> Play/Screenplay info on Chris's page and on the main Market info page, too?

.Deb> yes Chris

.Deb> should we double the information like that?

.Stormdanced> Possibly

.Stormdanced> some do not scan a whole site

.Deb> true

.Chris> Don't know whether it's really necessary, Deb

.Judy> Did everyone have a look at the web page sample I did up?

.Stormdanced> I looked..dang..meant to look again

.Chris> I did, Judy. Think I even commented.

.Stormdanced> Will I EVER catch up?

.Chris> Good, but took ages to load as I remember... c

.Deb> yep....I liked it but it needs something...don't know what

.Judy> how did it look for our first page on the website?

.Chris> 't even get to see the graphics

.Cougr7> You know what else...have you planned this? ..judy a sample of the NL? pages

.Deb> unfinished....missing something

.Cougr7> i saw the site

.Judy> no chris you're thinking of the page one newsletter I put on

.Chris> Think I'm at cross purposes here ;)

.Stormdanced> I'm just lost now..<G>

.Cougr7> several threads going here

.Chris> I saw the front page too, Judy - so long ago I forgot! Liked it.

.Judy> is that good enough for our first page?

.Cougr7> These columns....judy?

.Chris> Think so, Judy. Did you put a link to exercises anywhere?

.Judy> ok back to the agenda where are we now?

.Deb> it is a good start....maybe when we have everything on it

.Cougr7> where is that posted Judy?

.Cougr7> on your web site

.Judy> yes contests/award/copyright on the bottom

.Deb> OK...the agenda! the forum Phil, under samples of work

.Chris> Thanks, Judy.

.Cougr7> The columns Judy?...will there be a forum for each writer in synch with the column for member discussion?

.Judy> in the newsletter staff room sample front page

.Deb> we need a legal disclaimer and copyright with usage info

.Cougr7> ok I can find it judy:)

.Judy> more forums god I hope not

.Cougr7> heh

.Deb> how are we going to do this?

.Judy> do what deb?

.Deb> legal disclaimer & copyright w/usage info

.Cougr7> Deb, just place the copyright info on the front info page

.Deb> who will this be copyrighted to? the NL or the writer or both

.Judy> anyone on the newsletter is welcome to set up chats or forum messages on the public board

.Cougr7> All material copyrighted 1998 by Novice Writers Rest Stop

.Chris> What about the 'international' clause, Deb?

.Stormdanced> On the front page, you are putting the links to the departments? Are those departments defined?

.Judy> and then you can keep all your own copyrights too people will ask permission to reprint your stuff

.Cougr7> Individual copyrights belong to contributors. Please contact the NSRS for details on obtaining copyright permissions

.Deb> That has something to do with the digital millenium thing....

.Chris> It'll be 1999 soon, Phil! LOL

.Cougr7> oh yeah 1999 sorry:)

.Deb> apparently, if it is on the web, you must protect it internationally

.Judy> should be a page for each with a whole copyright link page for the thing so others can go there too.

.Stormdanced> 1998/1999

.Chris> Thanks, Deb. That's what I meant.

.Judy> good phil I like that

.Deb> Legal disclaimer....opinions and such

_** STARRLITE just joined "Rest Stop Newsletter Staff Room" (7 members now) **

.Stormdanced> rehi Star

.Paige> thanks

.Chris> Welcome back, Paige!

.Paige> what'd I miss?

.Paige> thanks chris

.Deb> discussing copyright

.Stormdanced> Chocolate, Star

.Stormdanced> hehe

.Paige> lol Jo

.Paige> Thanks Deb

.Chris> Must leave you I'm afraid. May be able to look in again later.

.Paige> k Chris

.Deb> bye Chris1

.Stormdanced> Bye Chris!

.Cougr7> bye Chris

.Judy> recap/front page has link at bottom for copyrights disclaimers/page it is linked to will be a copyright info page as well with links to major copyright places?

.Stormdanced> I're going so you don't have to share your chocolate

.Deb> do we need a disclaimer about opinions expressed are not necessarily....

.Judy> bye chris thanks for coming

.Stormdanced> Wouldn't this disclaimer fit on the front page?

.Paige> disclaimer about opinions is good tho!

.Chris> - signed off -

.Stormdanced> several sentences will take care of this?

.Judy> yes part of the mission statement remember WARNING

.Deb> not if we eventually do contests and sponsors

.Paige> you are right Judy!

.Cougr7> The Library of Congress is the one who holds registered copyrights. I imagine they have some available for use

.Deb> the sponsors are not liable for the content of the articles

.Stormdanced> little thangs..small print..

.Stormdanced> <G>

.Deb> yep

.Cougr7> Yes the word opinions is good

.Paige> Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington DC, 20559-6000

.Stormdanced> I like to use my minus button on print

.Deb> they have a website!

.Judy> yes good pint we'll go into that more fully if this thing takes off

.Cougr7> they must be on the web by now

.Deb> it pulls up with a search

.Stormdanced> So you have a front page...and you need assistance with the writing for the mission statement?

.Stormdanced> am I getting this right?

.Cougr7> The opinions expressed in this Newsletter are those of individual contributors and not representative of the NWRS.

.Judy> we got the mission statement figured out jo just needs polishing

.Stormdanced> Just say yell at Jo if something is wrong..<G>

.Deb> or any of its sponsors

.Stormdanced> She'll just laugh anyway

.Judy> good phil I like that

.Cougr7> I also do that in editing...look for libel...that should help weed some blatant stuff out

.Deb> LOL!

.Stormdanced> yes, Phil...

.Deb> OK good P

.Paige> good!

.Judy> yes watch that deb and starr for that phil LOL

.Stormdanced> Judy and I will watch, too

.Cougr7> Usually, if you're writing an opinion you just need to say so...In my opinion....etc

.Stormdanced> that's why we need them

.Stormdanced> Three heads

.Deb> Links....will we reciprocate links?

.Judy> jo quit laughing and get serious here LOL

.Stormdanced> LOL

.Stormdanced> We are joined at the neck now..<G>

.Cougr7> I'll let you know when you might cross the line :)

.Stormdanced> okay..getting serious

.Judy> yes links good deb but they have to be worthwhile sites

.Paige> that seems to be good practice Deb

.Deb> Like other NLs and resources, not homepages right?

.Judy> jo should you and I get together this weekend and do up a sample newsletter?

.Deb> YES!

.Paige> if you find a site, send to others for opinion on inclusion?

.Stormdanced> Use the links for your purposes only, Deb..<G>

.Stormdanced> yes, Judy..think so

.Stormdanced> If you want me to. I am rid of the EX!!!!! yeehaw

.Judy> that might be a good idea then we can get onto the thing and quit planning and start doing?

.Deb> We need a sample of the column pages the page setup

.Stormdanced> If a page is something you need for a reason?

.Cougr7> I wonder if I'm lagged here? Can I ping for responses, paige?

.Stormdanced> yes, Deb..

.Cougr7> ok did you set word lengths for articles?

.Paige> not here Phil. LOL

.Stormdanced> Ping! <G> I love it

.Deb> not yet...we need to

.Judy> well articles should be under 500 words I think

.Stormdanced> Oh god..I'm off laughing again

.Deb> you suggested 300-600 words?

.Cougr7> Jo? its like sonar but slower

.Stormdanced> ahh..I would like this

.Stormdanced> 500 or less is a good goal

.Cougr7> 500 is good

.Stormdanced> yes..<G>

.Cougr7> 2 pages dble spaced is all that is

.Deb> between what and 500?

.Paige> I don't even know what my word count is on the interview! LOL

.Stormdanced> What it takes, Deb...

.Deb> what is the minimum

.Stormdanced> takes

.Cougr7> oh just set it at 500 with special permission needed for 2000

.Stormdanced> no minimum

.Cougr7> some may want more

.Deb> ok

.Judy> yes you're thinking print copy phil

.Deb> some may need more

.Cougr7> oh jo i think that s a mistake

.Paige> I can submit 50 words? <G>

.Stormdanced> well,'ll be okay..<G>

.Cougr7> no I'm thinking of tighter have to make writers adhere or they do get wordy

.Stormdanced> believe

.Stormdanced> yes

.Cougr7> 50...? i guess..the title will be longer

.Judy> when writing for a newspaper columns can get up to 1200 words

.Stormdanced> LOL

.Paige> lol

.Stormdanced> She won't do 50..<G> she's teasing

.Cougr7> and think of those poor readers wading through 200 words

.Cougr7> 2000 that is

.Stormdanced> LOL

.Paige> I can't seem to stay under 1000 Jo! LOL!!!

.Stormdanced> <G>

.Cougr7> how many rewrites tho paige?:)

.Stormdanced> We'll help ya, Star

.Judy> yes phil web writing is different articles need to be short to the point...

.Deb> Judy & Jo....will you set up a format for the e-mail signatures this weekend as well....something so they will be uniform

.Cougr7> you'd be surprised

.Stormdanced> we'll try..<G>

.Paige> good idea Deb!

.Stormdanced> if Jo can be serious long enough?

.Stormdanced> <G>

.Deb> LOL!

.Stormdanced> Feel sorry for Judy

.Judy> yes deb we will have all the emails by sunday night

.Stormdanced> very sorry

.Paige> That would be a definite challenge for me Phil! staying below 1000 words, let alone 500! lol

.Judy> LOL jo

.Deb> We need a post so everybody can put their e-mail and ICQ 3....not everyone has each others

.Stormdanced> You'll do it, Star..we'll help you

.Cougr7> good paige...challenges are good for you:)

.Judy> well don't worry po

.Stormdanced> Phil can edit you down, right Phil?

.Paige> lol

.Judy> iage by the time the 3 editors have gotten through with it we may be asking you to flesh it out to at least 200 words LOL

.Cougr7> uh jo....I'd rather get them close to length from the writer..that much is getting in to rewriting

.Deb> All need to post e-mail addys and ICQ#

.Stormdanced> okay..that's another reason for sending to Judy and I

.Stormdanced> I'm a minimalist..<G>

.Paige> no, the real challenge is to submit a piece no one can edit! LOL

.Cougr7> exactly paige:)

.Stormdanced> LOL Star!

.Deb> ICQ# and e-mail addys....we need to all post them

.Stormdanced> We are gonna be busy once a month...<G>

.Alyssa> I'm back.

.Deb> not everyone has each others

.Alyssa> you missed me.

.Stormdanced> rehi Alyssa

.Cougr7> ok deb I'm starting icq to see if mine is right ...

.Stormdanced> did miss us..<G>

.Paige> which email? LOL!! I have 3 now! <G>

.Deb> I think I have most everyones but I know Starr don't

.Alyssa> I'm talking to you and watching a cat rise from the dead on my tv.

.Deb> my cat likes the back of my monitor

.Stormdanced> heck...same thing? <G>

.Alyssa> your cat rose from the dead too?


Please specify an e-mail address and a subject line: "/LOG subject line"

.Judy> aren't we all

.Alyssa> i haven't registered them all. I don't know what to do about you and Jos, since you're sharing deartabby.

.Alyssa> why don't I just register it and give you and jo both the password, and you can both go in?

.Paige> yep :)

.Judy> hmmmm jo?

.Judy> good idea Alyssa

.Cougr7> one slash had two

.Stormdanced> yes, Alyssa

.Alyssa> ok. I'll register it in Jo's name, since I've got all her info.

.Alyssa> ok jo!

.Stormdanced> I have so much flashing at me..LOL

.Deb> put your e-mail addy in place of mine

.Cougr7> that logs only current to future shucks

.Judy> thanks Alyssa where have you been lately?

.Paige> future shucks? is this a corn thing?

.Deb> I logged from the beginning will send it to ya

.Cougr7> heh paige...i need to read back here

.Alyssa> eating

.Deb> posting it to

.Judy> so what about this lady di

.Alyssa> and watching Pet Semetary

.Stormdanced> Phil, did you get my AOL nickname?

.Alyssa> *needed a break*

.Deb> what do you think Judy? Its your call

.Cougr7> Jo? lets see

.Judy> LOL A I mean you haven't been on the forum lately in public one we got some new young people

.Cougr7> starts with "P"?

.Cougr7> no thats paige

.Stormdanced> Jo Lady A

.Paige> lol

.Stormdanced> You can IM me on AOL if you need to

.Alyssa> I haven't gotten around to it.

.Stormdanced> I'm often on line but writing

.Cougr7> ok jo what is it again?

.Stormdanced> so I hear the IMs

.Stormdanced> Jo Lady A

.Cougr7> you know AOL bought ICQ?

.Judy> well lady di has only been there once.Stormdanced> yes..something else for them to mess up..<G>

.Paige> AOL is buying everything!

.Cougr7> heh paige true

.Stormdanced> Yes, Judy

.Judy> not be reliable that is

.Deb> last thing on my list is: How do we ask for reader input? What do we want to know?

.Stormdanced> She isn't going to do it..can tell

.Alyssa> Mom is trying to get me ready to take my SATs.

.Alyssa> everything but what they are wearing D

.Deb> hahahaha

.Judy> ok she's outta here then..executive decision ..I love it LOL

.Paige> Just make a list for comments/suggestions Deb. ??

.Stormdanced> <G>

.Cougr7> ok JO got the nick

.Deb> the king has spoken LOL!

.Stormdanced> good

.Cougr7> mines cougr777 same as email

.Judy> DEB ROFL reader input....maybe not eh?

.Alyssa> The Great and Powerful Oz.

.Stormdanced> ooz

.Stormdanced> <G>

.Alyssa> lol

.Cougr7> i avoid the place tho unless I'm doing something useful there...:)

.Stormdanced> okay..behave Jo

.Stormdanced> don't tease Judy..

.Stormdanced> LOL so much fun though!

.Cougr7> Judy what did you decide to do with reader mail?

.Deb> I was thinking like suggest contest links....

.Alyssa> read it! hahahaha

.Cougr7> Deb? You will edit this log before posting? the numbers and all?

.Judy> oh thought she was talking about phil LOL no jo and I agreed she's out gone executive x2 made the decision...LOL

.Deb> yes...

.Paige> Well...I have to take off guys...not one lick of painting done, and hubby will be home in a cpl hours! LOL!! Gotta get moving so I can get back to the boards...yes it's addiction! rofl

.Stormdanced> It's only available to us, Phil

.Judy> mail???

.Alyssa> bye paige!!!

.Cougr7> ok paige:)

.Paige> See you guys later!!!

.Stormdanced> <G> Star

.Alyssa> be groovy!

.Cougr7> yes Judy you'll probably get reader mail

.Stormdanced> Bye

.Paige> lol Alyssa!

.Deb> the only place the chat page is posted is on the links anywhere else and the NLforum is not linked from the page

.Paige> - signed off -

.Judy> ROFL grab a bit of paint and smudge it around paige

.Stormdanced> Mail should go to the dear tabby address? or fix another?

.Stormdanced> another

.Stormdanced> another

.Deb> good question

.Cougr7> You want to do a letter s to editor ?

.Judy> well if its interesting we'll answer if not we should have a form letter with links on it LOL

.Stormdanced> an editorial address..yes

.Stormdanced> <G>


.Cougr7> and...what to do with many responses in NL...will writers write responses somewhere?

.Alyssa> why don't judy or jo use existing email address for that?

.Alyssa> maybe? yes? no? not on your life?

.Judy> letters to dear tabby and yes letters to whoever each will have their email on the page

.Stormdanced> yes..we can

.Stormdanced> I have five three more available here...hmm...two

.Cougr7> Part of disclaimers section= Due to the volume of mail we can't write to everyone etc....

.Stormdanced> good

.Deb> sounds good

.Deb> brb

.Judy> well we might still do up a form letter lets see what we get after the first issue and then do up one maybe

.Judy> yes phil LOL

.Cougr7> good judy invite them to Rest Stop to post?

.Stormdanced> everyone is blinking at me..<G>

.Judy> oh good idea phil you smartie

.Cougr7> sure...something like you can post any comments questions at the Rest Stop

.Judy> well how is your internet writer thing coming along phil

.Alyssa> great. now I've got smartie competition.

.Cougr7> heh

.Judy> yes A wow about time eh?

.Cougr7> mines more like smart A__

.Judy> ROFL phil

.Alyssa> you'll have to pry that title from my cold dead hand...

.Alyssa> LOL phil

.Cougr7> heh

.Stormdanced> <G>

.Alyssa> won't be long, if I have to watch this movie ever again.

.Stormdanced> have a smart A site? I've been away you see..

.Stormdanced> I like smart A sites..<G>

.Deb> back

.Cougr7> me? no but thats not a bad idea

.Stormdanced> <G>

.Cougr7> i need one

.Alyssa> lol

.Stormdanced> I write irony...does that help? <G>

.Stormdanced> need sarcasm

.Cougr7> thats ironic:)

.Alyssa> :)

.Stormdanced> lol

.Cougr7> some great ideas judy

.Stormdanced> I wanted to BE Swift

.Alyssa> get 'I'm judy. he can't win with us after him.

.Stormdanced> LOL Alyssa

.Cougr7> and..i want to ask if i post a request for writers i found one pub that will take some short articles...its nothing literary tho

.Deb> what kind of writing?

.Cougr7> just trivia type writing...I'm debating whether to use it as anything...havent decided

.Stormdanced> I've not written articles..I have a whole column I'd like to do someday

.Judy> great phil go for it

.Stormdanced> I have to learn

.Cougr7> i can do better

.Cougr7> there are many sites tho that people can be published on

.Deb> I'm guys have helped alot!

Stormdanced> I have a novel and a trilogy to get done...ackkk

.Cougr7> i think the ideas are ...amazingly good..and new somewhat

.Judy> ok will look forward to it

.Alyssa> just pretend you don't, jo! <G>

.Stormdanced> Mur reminds me..<G>

.Judy> our ideas phil or??

.Stormdanced> I'm behind him about 20,000 words

.Alyssa> pretend he ain't reminding you.

.Stormdanced> LOL

.Alyssa> that's the thing about writers. they can pretend stuff!

.Cougr7> lot of writers missing out on internet opps tho...we can start writing about internet markets i hope

.Deb> pretend it is him behind 20,000

.Alyssa> yes!

.Cougr7> storm?

.Alyssa> pretend he's been rendered temporarily mute...

.Stormdanced> ?

.Stormdanced> LOL wishing...

.Cougr7> i missed what toy were saying about manuscripts

.Stormdanced> Oh..I'm working on two at once, Phil

.Stormdanced> I'm crazy

.Stormdanced> <G>

.Judy> - signed off -

.Cougr7> have publishers?

.Stormdanced> 4 books altogether

.Alyssa> nah. you just don't know any better...

.Stormdanced> nono

.Cougr7> why not? do you do queries first?