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(Logging at 21-NOV-1998 13:55)

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.Alyssa> i still forgot. I was reading an etext of Wuthering Heights and playing freecell when you reminded me, Deb...

.Judy> sorry I seem to be having some problems today with my browsers but HI

.Alyssa> hello judy!

.Judy> Is there 2 of you today kid? LOL

.Deb> I'm back...sorry

.Alyssa> lol

.Judy> or is one of the three Deb?

.Deb> yep! had to go get a drink

.Alyssa> *thirsty now*

.Judy> I came across a very nicely done writing newsletter gang

.Deb> where

.Alyssa> *admires soft skin and looks curious*

.Judy> well now I'll have to see if I bookmarked it properly I've been having problems with netscape can't even get into delfi with it

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.StarrLite> Hidey Ho Neighbors!

.Deb> Hi Starr

.StarrLite> Hiya Deb

.Alyssa> hey starr

.StarrLite> Hey Alyssa

.StarrLite> Don't know if I can stay the whole time, hubby already mentioned using the phone in 1/2 hour or so...will try to make him wait! LOL

.Alyssa> can't be too important!

.StarrLite> Hello Judy

.Deb> Chris should be here soon...

.Deb> Judy is searching for a bookmark...

.Alyssa> "honey, can you get offline so I can dial 911?"

.StarrLite> it's "always" more important to him. He thinks I can hook up with my buddies any time <shrugs>

.Deb> I was eating, i finished so I will talk more now!

.StarrLite> it's okay

.Judy> Hi gang lets get right to work then I came across a good newsletter format I will send you all the url after the chat today or post it

.Alyssa> I was admiring my skin.

.Alyssa> ok judy!

.StarrLite> okay, great!

.Deb> I was getting to that! had to light a cigarette

.Judy> LOL its lovely A but what are those green spots dear?? {G} to A

.Deb> OK

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> <G>

.Deb> The name is definitely Rest stop Writers NL...yes

.StarrLite> Sounds Groovy!!

.Alyssa> that is my word.

.StarrLite> lol

.Judy> yes we finally decided something deb all here agreed?

.Deb> OK

.StarrLite> no, that is a 60's word youngun. LOL

.StarrLite> yes Judy

.Alyssa> I was born thirty years too late.

.Deb> Clumns...are we doing our own page & sending to Deane?

.Judy> enjoy it kid!

.Alyssa> agreed!

.Deb> columns

.Alyssa> *lights incense*

.Deb> *looking for candle*

.Judy> lets try to get the mission statement clarified today and I will write it up for us

.Alyssa> I was going to ask what a Clumn was...

.Alyssa> *revving up the lava lamp*

.Deb> sounds good...I was going down my list LOL!

.Judy> sort of a clumsy column A

.Deb> Mission Statement was next!

.Judy> oh well how perceptive of me LOL lets do it gang!

.Deb> Judy what are your ideas for it?

.StarrLite> I would think, part of our mission is showing and/or giving or knowledge to novice and expert alike, in the hopes of advancing individual knowledge in the various aspects of writing

.Judy> 1/ purpose of this newsletter, provide a forum for our writers to reach the writers of the world?

.Deb> Judy...not just our writers...all writers?

.Alyssa> the purpose of this newsletter is to provide a place for us to run off at the mouth?

.Alyssa> <G>

.Judy> 2/ love that starr yes geared to the novice writer but embracing all writers yes good

.Deb> we gonna do that anyway LOL!

.Alyssa> LOL

.StarrLite> lol Deb

.Judy> A LOL

.Alyssa> "We are going to give you advice whether you like it or not."

.StarrLite> take it while ya can Judy, that was a blast from a different side of my brain and not sure it will return! lol

.Judy> And it will be conflicting but hey ITS A WRITER THING LOL

.Alyssa> "even if it sucks."

.Judy> well maybe not sucks......hmmmmmm

.Deb> It won't suck..

.StarrLite> Our Newsletter won't know the meaning!!

.StarrLite> <G>

.Judy> unless you have plans in that direction A LOL

.Alyssa> need a disclaimer: we will not be held responsible if our advice ruins your career."

.Alyssa> lol

.Deb> LOL

.Judy> LOL yes for sure it....

.StarrLite> actually I think we "do" need a disclaimer....different subject.

.Deb> we can't chase 'em away before we have them hooked on it!

.Deb> what subject?

.StarrLite> ya make the disclaimer in size 6 font! LOL...only the one's looking for it will find it. <G>

.Judy> was thinking more along the lines of WARNING: read at your own risk...we will not be held responsible for the creative ideas and stimulation you may find within...??

.StarrLite> I like that as a title somewhere Judy!!!

.StarrLite> sounds catchy...makes ya wanna read just to see what's in there

.Deb> part oif the mission statement maybe?

.Judy> and how about we put it just after the purpose?

.Alyssa> you'll get everyone to read it if you say "adult material inside"...

.Judy> LOL....A

.StarrLite> lol Alyssa

.Deb> even my husband would read it then! LOL

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> writing advice and the occasional nude pic of brad pitt.

.Alyssa> THAT i would read.

.Deb> How should we begin the mission statement?

.Deb> I dont like the "purpose of this..."

.Judy> well to get men to read it we'll have to get dean to get an amateur men's poetry page every single man I know makes up stufpid risque poetry have you noticed?

.StarrLite> WARNING: The Rest Stop Writers will NOT be held liable for any addiction brought forth from this Newsletter. Enter at your own risk. LOL

.StarrLite> Yes Judy, they do!! LOL!!!!!

.Alyssa> LOL!

.Deb> Deane has to oread em...I hear enough at home!

.Alyssa> lol

.Deb> my typing sucks today!

.Alyssa> we could have a contest for the worst possible poem ever written...

.Deb> do we begin it?

.StarrLite> *ponders the idea of fingers hitting keys, sucking at the same time....and sucking what??? LOL

.Alyssa> lol starr

.Judy> How about just Mission Statement: A newsletter with a difference, to help the novice get started, provide support and encouragement to all writers and ???

.StarrLite> oh no Alyssa...we WOULD have every bad poem on the face of the whole continent!! that scares me! lol

.Alyssa> yeah, but I wanna read the WORST One.

.Judy> You get those on every contest going it is PAINFUL..

.Deb> on your keyboard? whatever drink you spilled lately...on mine last nights dinner!

.Alyssa> *hungry*

.Alyssa> I haven't eaten breakfast yet. it's 2 20 pm.

.StarrLite> MS: A newsletter with a difference, to help the novice get started, jump start the experienced, and provide support and encouragement to all writers in all genre's. <---????

.Deb> glad typing while eating isn't the same as talking with a mouthful!

.Deb> I like it all except jump start

.Judy> I'm having bacon on toast right now with my coffee

.Deb> maybe challenge the experienced?

.Alyssa> don't make me think about that judy...

.StarrLite> yummy!!

.StarrLite> Yes Deb!! I like that better I think!

.Judy> how about for the writing changed ROFL

.Alyssa> demolish the self-respect of the experienced?

.Judy> whoops challenged that is.

.Alyssa> lol

.Deb> LOL

.StarrLite> lol..writing challanged!! hahaha

.StarrLite> writing impaired?

.StarrLite> LOL

.Alyssa> Advice for the Writer with no Talent Whatsoever.

.Deb> is that politically correct for writers block? LOL

.StarrLite> lol

.Judy> LOL......A yes......LOVE IT

.Alyssa> lol

.Deb> So is that decided for the mission statement? type it again Judy (please)

.Alyssa> advice for people who're thinking about soft hands when they should be brainstorming...

.Judy> It doesn't matter if you have talent any idiot can write....follow our tips and get writing....

.Alyssa> and if it sucks, don't blame us...

.StarrLite> Hey, I bought that book, creative writing for idiots! LOL!!

.Alyssa> writing for creative idiots!

.Deb> LOL Alyssa

.Judy> great....starr not from my bookstore boo hoo

.StarrLite> nope, can't unless they change that credit card thing Judy

.StarrLite> or I would have!!

.StarrLite> Hate shopping

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> the deerhunters are arriving. *groan*

.Judy> thanks starr luv ya! :)

.StarrLite> <G>

.Judy> oh you mean the BAMBI MURDERERS???

.Alyssa> "ima gonna get me a big ole DEER!"

.Deb> I sthat the mission statement?

.Alyssa> yes! LOL

.Alyssa> yup. mission statement. BAMBIE MURDERERS.

.StarrLite> rudolph, jumping around saying "I'm cude, she said I'm cude" comes to mind! LOL

.Deb> don't be talking about deer that way! I LOVE deer jerky! LOL!!!

.Judy> moose is better

_** .Chris just joined "Rest Stop Newsletter Staff Room" (5 members now) **

.Alyssa> you ever butchered a chicken?

.Deb> been wanting to try it but we don't have those here...

.StarrLite> Hey, what's yer beef? LOL (I like cow <G>)

.Deb> Hi Chris!

.Chris> Hi!

.StarrLite> hiya Chris

.Alyssa> hey chris, great first sentence to hear when you come in a chat, right? "ever butcher a chicken?"

.Judy> ok hi chris we are decided on rs newsletter for title, I have a sample newletter I will post link to after for you all to check out.

.Chris> Yep - what does it mean? I'm a veggie!! LOL

.StarrLite> I've seen em butchered Alyssa...stupid things suddenly want to join a marathon. It's disgusting! LOL

.Alyssa> it means we've gotten off the subject.

.Deb> way off the subject! LOL

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> have you ever seen one's head start moving after it's been cut off?

.Judy> we are now onto the mission statement and my first job A was in a chicken killing place I lasted 10 minutes...not a pretty site

.StarrLite> yep Alyssa

.Chris> Oh... Hi Judy. Thanks :)

.Deb> Mission Statement...type it again Judy *please*

.Alyssa> I think dad actually likes ripping their intestines out.

.Alyssa> yes judy, please? it's the only thing that will shut me up.

.Deb> gross!!!

.Alyssa> COOL.

.Judy> I'll have to write a story on that some day it would be a goo d one....

.StarrLite> uncle Paul butchered them a lot. We had to watch, like little captives being shown what would happen to us next or something. lol

.Alyssa> I have to HELP

.Alyssa> "hey alyssa, hold the head will ya?"

.StarrLite> ewww

.Deb> kids help at the neighbors chicken houses...they enjoy it!

.Alyssa> "whoops. Little fountain of blood there. look out!"

.Alyssa> it's fun. like running through a sprinkler.

.Alyssa> <G>

.StarrLite> if anyone would have had me hold their chicken's head, THEY would have held my regergitated cookies!!

.Judy> Ok just a title such as Mission Statement:

.Alyssa> I have a good stomach.

.Chris> Err... what does this have to do with RS News?? :)

.Alyssa> nothing. that's why i'm talking about it.

.Deb> Judy is typing the mission statement again?

.Deb> chocolate is a better off the subject topic!

.Chris> So you were cattering rather than chattering, Alyssa

.Alyssa> you can't mutilate chocolate!

.Deb> LOL

.Alyssa> yes chris.

.Deb> you can if its a chocolate bunny!

.Alyssa> ROFL

.Judy> then something like: A newsletter with a difference, to inform, inspire and motivate, geared to the novice but of interest to all writers!

.Alyssa> yes! writers of all sizes shapes and colors.

.Chris> Yes.. go for it, Judy!

.Deb> no...the second one...I can't get back to it...screen keeps moving!

.Chris> And abilities

.Alyssa> and number of piercings.

.Deb> just reworded it ...sorry

.Chris> Mine too, Deb. Delphi has gone crazy tonight

.Chris> And slow!

.Deb> I am just glad you got in

.Alyssa> delphi always works on my computer...

.StarrLite> I think I like (not geared to but,) maybe "for" the novice pro alike.....geared to makes it sound very selective to me...what do you guys think????

.Chris> I got in because I reverted to Navigator 3.01 from Communicator 4.5 which doesn't like me chatting.

.Judy> WARNING: Enter and read at your own risk, the staff writers couldn't come to a consensus on anything therefore the newsletter is now untouched by human hands. Peak inside if you dare....

.Deb> copyright link and disclaimer...bottom of every page?

.Chris> Yes, "for" rather than "geared"

.Alyssa> "they were too busy talking about chicken heads to get any work done."

.Deb> because we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off!

.Alyssa> LOL\

.StarrLite> lol

.Chris> 'Course it wasn't Judy - it's Cat-handled!

.Deb> Has anybody got tehir column started?

.Alyssa> hey, cats eat chicken you know.

.Chris> I wrote a piece and sent it to Judy and Jo... did it get lost?

.StarrLite> well, Mine was finished to a point, but I never got any feed back on it. I personally didn't like the flow and not sure how to fix it. lol

.Deb> I never got it! where is it?

.Judy> whoops forgeot the disclaimer on the mission statement...or should it be on the bottom of the page: Disclaimer: Eitorial staff and columnists will not be held responsible for the uncontrollable urge

.Judy> to write that may result after reading this nl??

.Chris> Don't think I saw it... did you post it somewhere, Star?

.Alyssa> Isn't everybody's first column just going to be a short little thingy?

.Deb> mine is...

.Alyssa> an introductory one?

.Deb> yes

.Judy> yes A.....

.Alyssa> I've got mine already. I posted it awhile back, it's still here somewheres on my HD.

.StarrLite> no Chris, sent it to Jo and to Deb I thought. Jo was moving but said she would get to it. I think she forgot. was gonna post it, but I dont' know how to do web page stuff enough yet...learning <G>

.Judy> I have to catch up with all those....

.Deb> Starr...where did ya post it?

.Chris> Should we create a new header in the forum and all post our column pieces in there?

.Judy> yours is online Chris.....

.Deb> I never got it...

.StarrLite> maybe I "meant" to send to you and forgot Deb. lol

.Deb> Chris...YES, I think that would be good

.Chris> Oh... where, Judy?

.Judy> yes good idea I can make a new thread for them......or suggestions...

.Deb> for crit...

.Chris> Shall we go for it, Deb?

.Chris> ..and Judy?

.Judy> not sure just now but I saw it the other day chris....

.StarrLite> yes..mine DOES NEED to be looked at!!!! for sure! I know for a fact it needs help, and certainly wouldn't want something so ill represented on the final cut!!

.Deb> we need to have a real disclaimer too...what should it say?

.Chris> Yes, for crit.

.Judy> Phil emailed me yesterday he will edit for us when our stuff is ready

.StarrLite> I agree Deb

.StarrLite> great Judy

.Deb> good...I am glad he will still be helping

.Chris> So what should it say>

.Deb> Starr...waht should it cover/

.Judy> How about we take a look at the newsletter I found and just a sec I'

.Chris> The disclaimer...

.StarrLite> k Judy

.Judy> ll see if I can get it up now so you can all check it out and we can discuss our findings?

.Chris> Nice of Phil... hope you thanked him :)

.Deb> OK

.Judy> oh for sure chris.....brb

.StarrLite> Deb, we can get a real idea quite easily by paying attention to someone else's disclaimers on other sites, manipulate it to adjust to our needs

.StarrLite> To my knowledge, disclaimers are NOT copywrited....but I could be wrong..dunno

.Chris> Oh, excellent. A bit of plagiarism...

.Deb> I think so...

.Alyssa> I've had some rather interestingly worded copyright disclaimers...

.StarrLite> most disclaimers all look alike anyway

.Chris> We could always adapt and then copyright wouldn't be infringed

.Deb> yeah, tehy do look alike

.StarrLite> most just say that they are not held responsible. said a little fancier than that, but that's the jist of it

.Deb> *brain is working faster than fingers*

.Chris> Let's go out there and pinch a few then, and cobble a hybrid together! LOL

.StarrLite> fingers work faster than my brain.....they kinda take after my mouth! LOL

.StarrLite> LOL Chris!!!

.Deb> what won't we be held responsible for/

.Alyssa> I once had to write a disclaimer explaining that we really meant no disrespect to the Amish...

.Chris> My fingers are gettin' crossed with me thumbs!

.Deb> Ok so we mean no disrespect to NORMAL writers! LOL

.Alyssa> I used to talk without thinking. now I type without thinking. it's all rather confusing to the reader.

.Chris> What are NORMAL writers, Deb?

.StarrLite> opinions for one Deb, that the opinions are soley owned by the one stating the opinion, and not that of the Rest Stop...i think! lol

.Alyssa> that one also included sincere apologies to anyone who is an actual member of the mafia, not to mention purple dinosaurs.

.Alyssa> there is no such thing chris!

.Chris> I think we just mean "no disrespect" etc, etc...

.Alyssa> Normal writers may not eat their own toenail clippings...

.Chris> Yes, the "opinion" thing is good, Star

.Chris> ...or CAN'T, Alyssa! LOL

.Deb> needs to include Delphi and Rest Stop Writers' Forum

.Chris> Agree, Deb

.Alyssa> some people get ulcers from them. depending on what breed of fungus is growing on them.

.Deb> opinions are endorsed by the RSW forum, or the website provider

.Deb> are not endorsed

.Chris> I just got an animated Homer Simpson banner, saying "click here for more brain power" LOL

.StarrLite> right

.StarrLite> lol

.Deb> LOL

.Alyssa> "We are not perfect, we are sometimes wrong. But do not expect us to admit it."

.Deb> that works!

.Chris> Forget the "perfect" but - just go for opinions and not infallible!

.Alyssa> "sometimes, when all the planets are aligned just right and we get up before 6 am, we will be wrong...

.Chris> ...but with no offence intended

.Alyssa> of course.

.Deb> "The thoughts and opinions express within the content of this NewsLetter are not expressly the thoughts and opinions of....

.Alyssa> btw, there's a guy plugging into our electric...stuff, and I might get kicked offline. if I do, you'll know what happened.

.Deb> k

.Chris> OK

.Alyssa> *finishes that sentence* the people who express the thoughts and opinions.

.Deb> too many thought and opinions in there, but I like it!

.Chris> how about thoughts and ideas?

.Judy> ok can't find it having a lot of browser problems but I'll get it later....

.Chris> Opinions is a bit strong...?

.Chris> OK Judy

.Judy> Lets just copy one from another newsletter gang? *S*

.Deb> OK we been discussing the disclaimer...

.Alyssa> could say "ideas" instead...we have those, don't we?

.Chris> Agree, Judy - saves time *S*

.StarrLite> "Statements expressed within the content of this newsletter are not expressly the thoughts and/or opinions of the Rest Stop Writers as a whole, and are not liable for such.

.Alyssa> ok Judy

.StarrLite> okay...i'll stop then. LOL

.StarrLite> Hey, we hadda have sumpin ta do, dint we? <G>

.Alyssa> LOL

.Deb> yep!

.Judy> ok settled I'll get that url to you it was a good layout and easy to follow if you know of others post the url I found deb that the things you posted were handy

.Judy> so lets go over the format then if we can move on here? Did we miss anything Deb?

.Deb> There was some interesting stuff on the content things there

.StarrLite> format?

.Deb> Classifieds...who, what, how

.Judy> yes I plan on reviewin g that.....

.Judy> for the website....I think we agree it should be simple?

.Chris> You mean "AddyCats" Deb?

.Deb> simple...does everyone like the backgrounds zenmom is doing?

.Alyssa> looks good to me.

.Judy> now the front page? how about just our title, on the plain kim's background left yes ZM is kim....

.Chris> Yes, I like it a lot, Deb

.StarrLite> looks fine to me!

.Alyssa> simple and dignified is the way to go.

.Deb> settled then...all pages same BG

.Chris> Just out title is good... classy

.Judy> yes you would certainly know all about that Alyssa...LOL

.Alyssa> hey....

.Alyssa> i'm dignified. sort of.

.Chris> All pages same bg means continuity and lookin' good

.Deb> Front page...what will be on it and how will it be laid out?

.Deb> Do we want to do it like a newspaper kinda thing?

.Chris> How do you mean?

.Judy> no I didn't mean just the title I had thought like a newspaper with links to sections or something?

.Alyssa> Java and javascript ought to be kept minimal.

.Deb> explain more...

.Deb> sections?

.Judy> our title, our mission statement......then links to the sections which would be?

.StarrLite> I kinda think it would be kewl to do it like a newspaper kind of thing. For one thing, if this did get bigger, our format would be able to pretty much remain the same, making the move from web to

.StarrLite> print much easier.....I think....not sure what I'm even saying. lol

.Chris> You mean like a 'contents list' and little descriptions, Judy?

.Deb> family, life, entertainment...?

.Judy> at the bottom perhaps link to disclaimer and copyright?

.Deb> yes at the bottom...links...small letters!

.Chris> Yes - that should go on the front page, Judy.

.Deb> do we need it on every page?

.Alyssa> probably should be...

.Chris> Might be best, Deb. Safer?

.Judy> now what about we put links to editoral staff and columnists info or should we just have links to the sections here?

.Deb> safer.

.StarrLite> Yes, and we can all submit articles, and have an email for outsiders to submit if they like, however the payment being a free newsletter in exchange, and their piece being published.

.Deb> describe sections more

.Chris> Links to columnists probably Judy

.Judy> well lets see: chris section in arts and entertainment?

.Deb> saection titles...

.Deb> same icons?

.StarrLite> I think it would be okay to put the editorial staff in one place, no hyperlinks....the hyperlinks being on that editorials page. dunno

.Chris> ...section titles with a short explanation?

.Judy> yes chris that sounds good.....

.Chris> Err...what are hyperlinks? Tooooo tech!

.Judy> Home living or something for deb's section? or Daily living?

.Deb> i like that Starr

.Chris> I have enough trouble with links!

.StarrLite> Chris, a hyperlink is that blue text you click can lead to a page or an email

.Deb> will have to get a newspaper and look at it in more detail!

.Alyssa> not necessarily blue, it can be any color.

.StarrLite> Yes Alyssa, but most are blue

.Judy> hey gang front page now....LOL

.StarrLite> lol

.StarrLite> tic tic tic tic tic "This just in"

.Chris> Oh.... I thought that was just a link, Star!

.Deb> Will we use the same icons we have chosen for the sections on front page?

.Judy> only links here to disclaimer and copyright and sections? maybe the staff intoduction area....all on one page or should we have each intro next to their column?

.Chris> Front page.....

.Judy> ok see if this will work then

.Deb> intro...maybe just linked name in the column

.Judy> Front page:

.Judy> Next: Mission statement (should this be right on it or linked from somewhere else)?

.Alyssa> we could just let deane and zenmom or whoever just make the page however they think it'd look best, then look it over, and suggest changes...

.Deb> right on it...not linked

.Chris> Right on it

.Deb> I think Deane has most of this worked out in his head already...

.Judy> ok no I think they will be looking for ideas and then can change it tobest effect

.Deb> just hasn't finished with it...

.Chris> Agree, Judy.

.Chris> So what after the mission statement....?

.Judy> ok then just image map or buttons kim will make to each section.

.Judy> Arts and Entertainment

.Judy> Classifieds

.Judy> Home Living?

.Judy> Youth or whatever section?

.Chris> Just as a column heading/link?

.Chris> I typed that before I read about the buttons! Delphi is being very slow here

.Judy> well just a section and each of you would be in charge of the info in that section where you can have a page on your teater one on screenwriting whatever you think?

.Deb> right now I am thinking mine will be mostlyu along the lines of time management stuff...waht do ya think?

.Chris> Sounds good to me Deb

.StarrLite> that is something that affects everyone Deb, I like it

.Judy> yes deb and also on coping with family support or none support in to get motivated when all is chaotic around you

.Deb> the more I have thought about it that is what it comes down to

.Chris> Are you going to include challenges and exercises on the front page, or let 'em find out when they visit the column?

.Deb> should be front page....that will attract readers

.Chris> We hope... LOL

.StarrLite> I think there should be a link to each page Chris, the link being on the front page

.Alyssa> what about general exercises and stuff on the main page, and ones geared toward different kinds of writers in that different column?

.Chris> Yes, I agree, Star

.Judy> Now there's a thought chris maybe a link to a contest expanation page then each link to each area of person who is doing whatever columsn???

.Deb> yes...

.Chris> OK. Could work, Judy.

.Judy> so on the front page maybe contests and awards?

.Chris> Where on the page?

.StarrLite> Alyssa, we could do that, but I think there will be plenty of info with short column bios and links to those pages etc, that we should keep the material to the respective columns themselves...just a

.StarrLite> thought

.Chris> zy so it stands out?

.Judy> on that page an explanation of our contest rules submission guidlines etc then a link to each contest

.Deb> section for it...then a page listing awards...webrings... contests separate

.Chris> Oh, half of what I said got lost.... I said "make it snazzy...."

.Judy> LOL chriss...

.Alyssa> i wondered what language that was...

.StarrLite> you just talk too much Chris, you baffled delphi's server is all. LOL!!! <j/k>

.Deb> LOL!

.Chris> Fingers ran faster than Delphi could swallow LOL

.Judy> I thought you were saying make it E Z (american pronunciation) LOL

.Deb> cat had their tongue!

.Chris> Cat bit my fingers

.Judy> phil thinks we should keep the cat stuff to a minimum as he says it may get old fast but thoughts please?

.Chris> NEVER!! Judy! ROFL

.Alyssa> oh no. mom's playing oldies. make the music STOOOOOOOP....

.Deb> I don't think so...I think it is original

.Alyssa> i think it's cute.

.Chris> Maybe.. but we could always do a gradual changeover if it became necessary

.StarrLite> As far as the contests and stuff, I think there should be a (in Chris' terms) snazzy into to draw ppl in, but then a hyper link to take them to a column for that stuff

.Deb> people may read just because of that...there are lotts of cat oriented sites I have learned

.Judy> I think we should keep it inside the newsletter but I like the cat thing

.Alyssa> sure. our cats could shapeshift. or their writers could revolt.

.Chris> Go with what we like at the moment, eh? (not huh?)

.Chris> Are our writers revolting?

.Chris> Are our writers revolting?

.Chris> I got that in twice by mistake LOL

.Judy> good thinking we can be flexible I think just warn them on first page.....discreet graphics and then hit them with the cats inside and I think it is original....

.Alyssa> brb

.StarrLite> i think we should keep it at a keeping the icons and backgrounds, but omit all the cat language....although cute, I think that would get on ppl's nerves after a while..especially those

.StarrLite> who don't care for cats too much

.StarrLite> But we gotta keep the cat titles!! LOL

.Chris> Could have a point, Star... *thinks* :)

.Judy> yes agree starr we have had fun with that maybe a little section on cat language tho it is pretty funny!

.Chris> Yes, keep the cat titles.

.Chris> Are they *captions* or *CATtions*?

.Deb> keep the cat titles...just don't overdo the rest

.StarrLite> i agree....and it IS CUTE! LOL

.Judy> the articles to be written seriously or as seriously as we can manage LOL

.Deb> besides it all looks really nice!

.Chris> I think you're right Deb - keep the titles and do the rest on very low key

.StarrLite> I agree Judy, Deb

.Judy> and these cat people are total fanatics they will LOVE it

.StarrLite> yep!

.Deb> what next?

.Alyssa> it's good brownie points for my cat. she'll stop clawing me now.

.Alyssa> acatemy awards?

.Chris> Certainly the articles must be serious - even though they may be written in a humorous way

.StarrLite> I still like the idea of the acatemy awards!

.Deb> Alyssa have you got everybodys e-mail info yet?

.Alyssa> y'all still want me to try and design one?

.Alyssa> nope. not everybody's.

.StarrLite> Mine won't be all that humorous at all. Am trying for quite serious.

.Alyssa> I posted a note about it a few minutes ago.

.Judy> ok LOL we have this all on the first page yes we should have a thing too for contests awards, webrings etc....I can hardly wait....

.StarrLite> no wonder I didn't see it

.StarrLite> lol

.Chris> Yes, love Acatemy Awards

.Deb> Please do design one...Judy we need help getting all the info for the e-mails

.Alyssa> ok. I'll work on it asap.

.Chris> Me too, Star. Writing is a serious occupation and if people want tips and help, best to give the best we can.

.Judy> ok now lets forget the email for the moment then get onto that. I'd like to get a better idea of front page contemt so I can work something up so we can show it to ZM and Dean....

.Deb> Ok...

.Deb> bar under title

.Judy> lets do a consensus first you deb what did you get out of this conversation so far?

.Deb> mission statement next

.Chris> Then mission statement

.Alyssa> I've died and gone to heaven, my aunt sent CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.Alyssa> ok. mission statement.

.Judy> go ahead and type end when you are done LOL

.Deb> Hold on...typing it all!

.StarrLite> k....I think the content of the whole newsletter should be briefly mentioned, with hyperlinks to each column and the Editor's name

.Judy> ok just deb here now....

.StarrLite> k Deb..g'head

.Deb> name: RSW NL mission statement decided, disclaimer and CRlinks at bottom of each page

.Deb> bg are to be brushed ones...

.Judy> I'm making notes on each of our comments as sometimes we see things differently.

.Deb> sections on front page like a paper...

.Deb> editors page w/ links...

.Deb> columns to be done & sent to Deane

.Deb> more, but I don't remember...LOL

.StarrLite> I think better, page links, no editor email links on front page.

.Alyssa> how do I send to Deane?

.Judy> ok chris next please your consensus?

.Chris> Think I agree with that, Star

.Chris> What do you need from me, Judy?

.Judy> sorry A and S just a sec we'll each post our thoughts of what we think we heard from this conversation

.StarrLite> k

.Judy> chris next please and type end when you are done?

.Chris> OK. I'm typing.

.Chris> Front page with title, with line underneath.

.Chris> Next - Mission statement

.Chris> List of column titles. I thought we said links, but could be wrong here

.Chris> Design page like a paper, although I'm not too lear where this differs from magazine format

.Chris> Columns to be sent to Deane via email?

.Chris> Stick with icons we've chosen - if we've chosen them. End

.Judy> thanks chris next starr please?

.StarrLite> k

.StarrLite> I like Chris' idea for the Front page with title, with line underneath.

.StarrLite> then the mission statement

.StarrLite> I like Deb's idea of the sections like newspapger.....I think maybe dbl column....but...

.StarrLite> with the title in bold, and a short bio underneath as opposed to just being listed

.StarrLite> I think the bold titles should be hyper links "to" that column, and save the editors email link for that page

.StarrLite> I think there should be a section just for dean in the Nesletter forum, sent to him on that forum for our stuff instead of email...that would be up to him tho....but that way we could all see it and

.StarrLite> input on it also

.StarrLite> I also think sticking with present icons is best, although I don't have one. LOL...END

.StarrLite> OH..disclaimer at bottome of course..END for sure <G>

.Judy> thanks starr now Alyssa please?

.Alyssa> ok bosslady!

.Judy> if she isn't riping any chicken heads off right now LOL

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> front page: title, line, mission statement, column list. icons we've already chosen, disclaimer, send columns to deane.

.Alyssa> *tries to think, fails*

.Judy> LOL how efficient

.StarrLite> lol

.Judy> ok is that everyone now?

.Alyssa> END\

.StarrLite> I think she memorized fair! LOL

.Deb> except you...

.Alyssa> LOL

.Alyssa> I'm HUNGRY, I can't help it! <G>

.Judy> ok see if this works...

.Judy> title with bar underneath in bold

.Chris> I don't know if I've got an icon! LOL

.Judy> next mission statement

.Judy> then separator

.Judy> under that I was thinking just links to each section like arts and entertainment

.Judy> classified

.Judy> home life

.Judy> sports

.Judy> young people

.Judy> then at the bottom links to contest and submission pages

.Judy> and also email to main email addy

.Judy> also at the bottom discreet link to disclaimer and copyright?

.Judy> then just that bit on the front page.....with a link to the staff perhaps?

.Judy> then each staff bio would be linked to what ever column they have and they would then have the pic there?

.Judy> or maybe each section would have a list of the columnist with a link to their column and if you ar in charge of arts and entertainment and have a guest writer their link would be on the main art and

.Judy> entertainment page?

.Judy> how does that work do you think?

.Judy> end

.Alyssa> *applauds*

.Chris> Looks great!

.StarrLite> Do you really think the disclaimer and copyright should be hidden?...and what type of bio for staff, personal, professional?....

.Deb> I have a thought...*wonders where it came from*

.Chris> Like the idea of link from column page to guest writer

.Judy> well I think disclaimer and copyritht should be on its own page

.Chris> With a link from front page, Judy... yes I agree

.Deb> We don't use the icons on the main page...just a title(section name) in bold like starr suggested with a short intro to content

.Chris> Nice and discreet, but there in strength

.Deb> that was my thought...

.Judy> I think you will find that once you get it into sections like sports etc you can invite writers you meet to do an I do a lot of karate stuff so I could do something re writing for or

.Judy> about sports....

.Chris> Good thought, Deb.... I think *S*

.StarrLite> Judy, some great ideas here...maybe have deane, or whoever throw this together quick for a visual opinion.

.Deb> since we are going to keep the cats discreet it might be better taht way

.Chris> That'd be great, Star

.StarrLite> maybe link it off of Deb's page for now, just for viewing

.Judy> I couyld do up a rough draft and post it on the forum home page thing

.Chris> And let us know via the form when the page is up?

.Deb> sounds good...would like to see it...Deane already has a site set up or I could link it ...either way

.Judy> ok I'll confer with you on that deb...

.Chris> Good idea, Judy... and Deb... whichever way you like *S*

.Judy> maybe that is enough for today and we can each be thinking of the section pages next?

.Deb> OK...Judy you throw it together and then we will all give our thoughts on it, eh?

.Chris> OK by me

.Judy> ok

.Alyssa> groovy

.Deb> WAIT!!!

.Judy> yes

.Alyssa> what?!

.Chris> what??

.Deb> where should we be on our individual columns?

.Judy> LOL

.StarrLite> Oh, and since Deb's third person just now got back with me, I'll look at my column tonight, see what I can do with it, and then post it in my Tabbyloids section to all for opinions.

.Judy> hey starr what have you done so far on the profiles?

.Chris> Where do you suggest, Deb?

.StarrLite> I have Deb's done for the most part, but needs polish. I have info on Chris, and .....have to look in my folder

.Deb> Starr, if you will pick the background and pic I will throw you a page together...if you want

.Judy> ok we'll let starr and deb work on that one....

.Alyssa> gotta go eat. brb.

.Deb> where do I suggest what?

.StarrLite> k Alyssa

.Judy> ok alyssa I didn't get to you yet I will email you my address etc for email

.Chris> Columns, I think... on the page?

.Deb> where should we be on our columns?

.StarrLite> I only have Chris'. Jo has been to busy to submit, and I sent Deane a note, but I'm not sure he got it, my hotmail server wasn't working well that day.

.StarrLite> good question Deb

.Deb> should we post them under our heading or are you gonna set up a new heading Judy?

.Judy> ok columns....I like what chris did, she did an intro to her column, I think now she would be wise to do a short article on one aspect of the craft that interests her?

.StarrLite> VERY good question Deb

.Alyssa> back.

.StarrLite> dang you eat fast girl!

.Chris> Oh, you slave-driver, Judy! LOL Will do something soon(ish)

.Judy> I can post a new thread for samples then we could find it easy

.Deb> typing with your mouth full? LOL!!!

.Alyssa> i am eating at PC

.StarrLite> that would be great Judy

.Deb> I think that would be easiest J

.Alyssa> LOL

.Judy> ok I will do that later....

.Judy> alyssa did you come up with a name yet for your section?

.Deb> Where is Chris' so we can look at it?

.Chris> Good to have a new Sample thread, Judy... less confusing for me!

.Judy> I'' go get it just a sec....

.Alyssa> no...

.Alyssa> going to look over suggestions this evening.

.Chris> Yes, where did it go? Or do you want me to post it again?

.StarrLite> Do we have a target date for first run Judy? If that ever gets decided, we need to know as soon as the decision is made I think.

.Judy> so what do you think for your section will you be in a separate one or in family living or something?

.Chris> It IS this evening for me, Alyssa!

.Deb> I will put this log up on the chat page as soon as Delphi sends it!

.Chris> Thanks, Deb.

.Judy> great deb/////

.Alyssa> i don't know.

.Deb> just got the one from last week a day or so ago...will put it up too

.Chris> D'you mind if I leave you now? Need to do some thinkin' and writin' if you want another piece for my column

.Judy> no target date yet for newsletter but I think we could target for 15th of december if we can get it going here.

.Judy> that way it gives us a deadline

.Alyssa> we can do it!

.Deb> Set that for the target so we have something to work towards!

.StarrLite> Target's tend to motivate much better anyway <G>

.Chris> If my page can be designed by the graphic folks that's fine by me.

.Judy> ok see ya chriss thanks a lot..I'll go and find the post you have with your sample on it and move it to the sample thread..

.Chris> I'm still an HTML novice I'm afraid.

.StarrLite> me too Chris!!

.Deb> you will get there!

.Judy> aren't we all chriss??

.Alyssa> later, chris!

.Chris> OK. Thanks Judy. Catch y'all later.

.Chris> - signed off -

.Deb> Is that everything then?

.StarrLite> But thanks to Judy, I am learning! LOL!!!

.Deb> same time neext week?

.Judy> LOL ok I think we accomplished quite a bit today what do you think?

.Deb> I think so...

.Judy> I think we need to meet again after I get the sample up

.Alyssa> we're doing good.

.StarrLite> I took Judy's character chart, saved it, made a copy, and started re-arranging, deleting and adding and came up with an EXTREMELY simply web page I used for a flyer for my hubby's Primestar job!

.StarrLite> LOL!!

.Alyssa> lol

.Deb> You get it up and then we will set a weeknight time..OK?

.StarrLite> sounds good Deb

.Judy> Oh great starr would love to see that!:)

.Judy> ok will post it on the board when I am done then deb....

.Deb> maybe then Deane and Jo can make it too

.StarrLite> lol...truely simple. and it's not online Judy, only my browser...I am upload stupid. hahaha

.Judy> ok this has been great.....that is ok do I have you on icq starr?

.StarrLite> ummm..don't think so. 1380427

.Judy> ok will come and add your number :)

.StarrLite> k

.Judy> then you can send me the file LOL

.StarrLite> and I'll put you on 'visible" mode. LOL

.Deb> Let me know when the page is up...

.Alyssa> that means you're special, judy.

.StarrLite> you are on visible mode also Alyssa. LOL

.Judy> ok great.....I will get to work on that right touched Alyssa and starr....

.Alyssa> aw...

.StarrLite> otherwise you would think I was offline, because I STAY HIDDEN! LOL

.Judy> alyssa I was goin to ask you if you are interested in the crit corner at all or should I remove you? LOL

.Alyssa> i used to. just liked that little eye icon.

.Alyssa> LOL. I haven't been over there... :(

.Alyssa> i'm a busy girl!

.Deb> you working on the ACATEMY award...right?

.Alyssa> yes.

.Judy> Oh I know you are so I can just take you off that one then let me know if you ever find time and you can get involved when you are needing it ok?

.Alyssa> ok. groovy!

.StarrLite> lol

.Judy> I will see you guys later then I

.Alyssa> Being busy is a new experience for me. I'm not used to it, so bear with me lol

.Judy> will do up the page here now.

.Alyssa> k. bye.

.StarrLite> ok Judy!

.StarrLite> see you later :)

.Alyssa> be groovy!

.Deb> Well, I am going to guys...gotta fix dinner!

.Judy> thnaks you guys its been great sorry I am so stick to business lets have a nother chat where we can just shoot the breeze soon.

.Alyssa> bye!

.StarrLite> I'm going to go check my that other "incoming" for Deb, and try to re-write that column.

.Judy> bye all...

.StarrLite> k Judy

.Judy> - signed off -

.StarrLite> See you guys later!!!!

.StarrLite> - signed off -


.Alyssa> i am here by myself?

.Alyssa> oh boy!

.Alyssa> now I can have fun!

.Alyssa> wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

.Deb> still here... trying to end log

.Alyssa> alkj;ggggggweeegiuhowaeituwoitu


(Logging turned off)