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(Logging at 14-NOV-1998 13:55)

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with subject line "Rest Stop Newsletter Staff Room")

_** STARRLITE just joined "Rest Stop Newsletter Staff Room" (2 members now) **

.Deb> Hi Starr!

.StarrLite> Hiddee Ho neighbor <G>

.StarrLite> lol

.StarrLite> I think I have your profile completed Deb

.StarrLite> I think! LOL

.Deb> How does it look?

.Deb> Did I answer everything OK?

.StarrLite> Looks fine I think, I only have one problem with it, but it may just be my own self going to post it in email to you and Jo later for opinions

.StarrLite> yes you did just fine

.StarrLite> sent a copy to my Dad to for an objective opinion

.Deb> sounds good to me

.Deb> The only one in my family w/puter is my sister and she won't e-mail me

.StarrLite> really?

.Deb> thats OK, I don't like her that much either!

.StarrLite> LOL!!!

.Deb> she tends to forget we grew up in the same house--thinks she is better than the rest of us!

.StarrLite> Well, this first one I wanted complete "now". I haven't looked for an icon or nothing...thought the piece was more important at the time....but....

.StarrLite> for others tho, am going to suggest that if the "people" don't mind, I have no problem doing it through the snail mail

.Deb> I put a link up somewher to a page full of cat stuff!

.StarrLite> really?

.StarrLite> kewl

.Deb> I'll send it to you when I open my mail program again

.Deb> that is where most of the pics have come from!

.StarrLite> I didn't quote Joyce or Bob...I did use some of their stuff tho and just intertwined it with some of yours to make paragraphs. It really does help having other input to paint a better "you".

.StarrLite> ok

.StarrLite> I'll have to make sure I send them a "thank you"

.Deb> I wanted to answer the thing now cuz if I ever put it off, I would never get around to doing it

.Deb> I thanked them both too

.StarrLite> okay..everyone is 6 minutes late Deb, get the gun! LOL

.Deb> I have 2 minutes here...hope it ain't just us!

.StarrLite> me too!

.StarrLite> Jo would at least show wouldn't she? LOL

.Deb> I really expected Phil

.StarrLite> that would be nice!!

.Deb> jo had an appointment...said she hoped she would be back in time

.StarrLite> OH..thought it was judy with the appt

.StarrLite> okay

.StarrLite> I got it

.Deb> I'm hoping Judy can get in!

.StarrLite> I called dad just before getting back online...woke him up...told him to read the profile and email me his thoughts. I wish he would do it! LOL I wanna know!

.StarrLite> Me too!

.StarrLite> that would be terrible if she couldn't

.Deb> I wanna know too!

.StarrLite> lol

.StarrLite> My Dad's pretty on top of things in a literary sense. I really value his opinion!

.Deb> its good you have someone like that...

.StarrLite> Most think "Daddy" will say what Dotta wants..but he doesn't. He critiques objectively and when he doesn't like something, he'll tell you and tell you why.

.StarrLite> yeah, I think I'm lucky!

_** CELTICROSE just joined "Rest Stop Newsletter Staff Room" (3 members now) **

.Alyssa> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.Alyssa> *late*

.Deb> Hi Alyssa!

.Alyssa> hello!

.StarrLite> Hi Alyssa1

.Deb> At least you are here!

.Alyssa> i was making mom watch Legends of the Fall. nearly killed her.

.Alyssa> so far lol

.StarrLite> lol

.Deb> I love that movie

.Alyssa> i think she's still crying.

.Deb> shame on you! LOL

.Alyssa> hey, 12 minutes. beat my previous record.

.Alyssa> lol

.StarrLite> here Deb, this is my Dad's poetry, go take a peek sometime. He astounds me!

.Alyssa> I tried to warn her...

.Deb> well, there are some later than you...hopefully not no shows!

.Deb> Thanks Starr, I will

.Alyssa> I hope not! I still didn't remember. had my email off again.

.Deb> I was looking for you on ICQ!

.Alyssa> that was off too! i was watching the movie!

.StarrLite> I don't do anything without my email being there...I love email....couldn't stand the thought of having email and not knowing it was there! LOL

.Deb> OK...what do you guys think of the backgrounds Zenmom is doing?

.Alyssa> lol.

.StarrLite> I like them!!

.Alyssa> looks ok to me.

.Alyssa> I can do some graphic design, if anybody needs me!

.Deb> Should we all used the brushed looking BG with different colors?

.Alyssa> I dunno.

.StarrLite> first, what does "BG" stand for?

.Alyssa> background

.StarrLite> OH. LOL!!!

.Alyssa> <G>

.Deb> *S*

.StarrLite> as far as the BG <G> I'm pretty easy. So far what i've seen looks nice, tasteful, not overdone.

.Alyssa> *is not quite awake*

.StarrLite> brb a sec

.Deb> Deane mentioned we should have some look professional and like we had a plan

.Alyssa> whether we really have a plan or not.

.Alyssa> *G*

.Deb> LOL!

.Alyssa> oh great, now she wants to watch Little Women.

.Alyssa> where IS that tape, anyway?

.Deb> Hopefully, by the time we get this thing together it will resemble a planned thing

.Deb> I liked that one too...she will be crying again!

.Alyssa> it's the ILLUSION of planning and organization.

.Alyssa> i know.

.Deb> ILLUSION is a good thing! LOL

.Alyssa> so is luck.

.Deb> I think we have enough talent between us to pull this thing off!

.Alyssa> we've got talent coming out our ears. but do we have anything else? *G*

.StarrLite> back

.Deb> we got puters!

.Alyssa> LOL

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> and the daddy arises. *stares dumbfounded at zombie in living room*

.Deb> Going with the assumption it might just be us today...what do we need to decide on?

.StarrLite> I have no clue Deb

.Alyssa> the name of my column. when everybody's ready for the email accounts.

.StarrLite> You're the coordinator. lol

.Alyssa> the...the...the stuff.

.Deb> Have you picked a name you like?

.Alyssa> no. I have writer's block.

.Deb> bite me Starr! LOL

.Alyssa> :(

.StarrLite> LOL DEB!!!

.Alyssa> LOL

.Deb> I think Kitty Korner is a little juvenile...

.Alyssa> yes it is.

.StarrLite> hmm....thesaurus time? <G>

.Deb> well...think of something!!!

.Alyssa> has to also appeal to adults in smaller bodies.

.Alyssa> *has lost her thesaurus*

.Deb> I like the way you said that!

.Alyssa> thank you.

.StarrLite> cariCATures? LOL!!!

.Alyssa> lol

.Deb> Who needs to send you e-mail info for the accounts?

.Alyssa> everybody but you and Jo.

.StarrLite> Do I have an email? LOL..I don't even know <G>

.Alyssa> nope. i haven't registered them. going to do them all at once.

.Deb> What are you going to call your column Starr?

.StarrLite> Tabbyloids

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> star light, star bright, first star I see tonight...

.Deb> We are doing column name @catcrazy Right?

.Alyssa> yes.

.Deb> so yours will be Tabbloids@catcrazy!

.Alyssa> I wish I may, I wish I might, get some inspiration tonight...

.Deb> Alyssa is setting them up and needs some basic info to do it.

.StarrLite> kewl

.StarrLite> lol Alyssa

.Deb> I speeled that wrong>>>

.Alyssa> yes. name, address, DOB. I'll make the rest up.

.Alyssa> *the human dictionary*

.Alyssa> *tells mother how to spell "cassette"*

.StarrLite> lol

.StarrLite> is "that" how you spell that?

.StarrLite> <G>

.Alyssa> *S*

.Deb> LOL...that is me at my house...typing don't reflect it though! LOL

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> I know what she's saying in the chat room by the words she asks me to spell.

.Alyssa> if she asks me to spell "you ugly bastard", then there's somethin going on I don't wanna know about.

.StarrLite> LOL!!

.Deb> LOL!

.Alyssa> she asked me to spell "seduce" once. I don't even wanna speculate.

.Deb> don't blame ya!

.Alyssa> *G*

.StarrLite> *laughing*

.Deb> Judy mentioned an award for us to give out...should we?

.Deb> ACATEMY award

.Alyssa> idunno. maybe. like a monthly contest or something?

.Alyssa> I missed some of that discussion.

.StarrLite> I missed a little too, but I like the idea

.Deb> Give out to other websites...they would have to apply for it

.Alyssa> ahhh, a website award. I don't know. might be a good idea.

.Deb> and this months ACATEMY goes to...

.StarrLite> would otehr websites actually be interested tho?

.Alyssa> just for writing websites?

.Alyssa> yes.

.Alyssa> "I'd like to thank my producer..."

.StarrLite> lol

.Deb> Yes, we would provide a link page (I think) and they would be interested!

.Alyssa> they would. I've done a lot of award stuff.

.Alyssa> I apply for all I can get usually.

.Deb> me too...

.Alyssa> increased my site traffic.

.Deb> Just for writing websites or best of the web kinda thing?

.Alyssa> how about both? one for writing, and one for best overall presentation of an everything?

.Alyssa> Best Supporting Website

.Alyssa> Best Website in a Comedy or Drama.

.Deb> Sounds good! 2 awards or one name 2 pics?

.Alyssa> two awards. basically the same, maybe a different color. something like that?

.Deb> ACATEMY for best comedy, etc. ?

.StarrLite> a color award per genre maybe??

.StarrLite> different for each I mean

.Alyssa> that'd be groovy.

.Deb> OK!

.Alyssa> Best Made-for-TV Website...<G>

.Deb> Should we ask Zenmom to design it or would you want to Alyssa?

.Alyssa> I don't care. she can, or i can. I can use my kitty cat dingbats or something.

.Alyssa> oh shoot, I forgot about those! does zemom have em? she'll need those! cat fonts!

.StarrLite> brb

.Deb> How about if you make several and we vote on which ones to use?

.Alyssa> that might be groovy.

.Deb> I got the kitty cat dingbats, but not the there a difference?

.Alyssa> dingbats are a kind of font. do you have them both?

.Deb> nope just dingbats...

.Alyssa> i mean both dingbats. i know there's a couple.

.Deb> i just have one set and don't even know the name! LOL

.Alyssa> KittyPrint is one of them. don't know the name of the other.

.Alyssa> maybe I'll make them look silvery in photoshop.

.Deb> don't have kittyprint, got the other

.Alyssa> i'm not even sure how many there are.

.Alyssa> brb. one minute.

.Alyssa> back.

.StarrLite> back..sorry..not feeling well...something I ate I think. yuck!

.Deb> sorry...

.Alyssa> did you know there are ground bugs in bread? YEAH!

.StarrLite> that's alright...I'm okay :)

.StarrLite> ewww <never eats bread again>

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> there are! the ones too small to get out just get ground up. that's why you should pick out the black specks.

.Deb> LOL

.Alyssa> *shakes head sadly*

.StarrLite> gross

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> I rather like bugs.

.Deb> protein!

.Alyssa> YUP!

.Alyssa> flying raisins.

.StarrLite> LOL

.Deb> How are we gonna come up with a name for your column?

.Alyssa> *shrug* wait till the last minute, then get a flash of creative inspiration?

.StarrLite> lol

.Deb> what are you planning on putting in it?

.Alyssa> start stalking some "real writers"?

.Alyssa> *G*

.Deb> Chris is on the way...I think..she is on ICQ!

.Alyssa> uhhh...good question. links. tips. you know. stuff.

.StarrLite> how bout, the Cavalier Cats

.Alyssa> nah. got to come up with something really really groovy...

.Alyssa> unfortunately, I'm all out of really really groovy ideas.

.Deb> tips about what?

.StarrLite> take the cat car to the cat cave Robin. LOL

.Alyssa> writing. magazines that specialize more toward kid/teenager stuff.

.Deb> like who would benefit...I ain't making much sense today lol

.Deb> good one Starr

.Alyssa> *never DOES make sense*

.StarrLite> my best guesses were in the web board....I'm guessed out I guess. lol

.Alyssa> Moses the Cat, parting the Red Sea of publishing.

.Deb> some kids don't write as adult as you...both types or adults in little bodies?

.Alyssa> both.

.Alyssa> "And so the Editor hardened his heart once again..."

.Deb> i'm thinking...

.Deb> <blank>

.Alyssa> and the plagues were unleashed. the first plague was Writer's Block...

.Alyssa> see, I can come up with all this junk, but not a simple title.

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> the second plague was WordPerfect 1.0...

.StarrLite> why not Cool Cats?

.StarrLite> you gotta icon for it

.Deb> or KEWL KATS

.StarrLite> yeah!

.Alyssa> i don't know...

.Alyssa> *G*

.Alyssa> mom's cooking sausage. I'll try to eat here.

.StarrLite> then when Alyssa is brainstormin non stop, we can say she's doin the "kewl thang". lol

.Alyssa> I'm always brainstorming nonstop.

.Alyssa> *lightning flashes from eyes*

.Deb> Maybe we should start a post and let everybody put a bunch there for you to look at...if you don't like any of them, you might at least get an idea for your own?

.StarrLite> hmm...yer makin me hungry!

.StarrLite> I tried that one followed suit

.Alyssa> sure!

.StarrLite> it wasn't a seperate post tho, maybe that is the difference. ?? dunno

.Alyssa> getting an idea is in itself a good idea...

.Deb> I didn't see it...sometimes I get so lost!

.Alyssa> maybe they didn't notice it. i miss em occasionally.

.Deb> could be...lets try again with a separate post...

.StarrLite> see...then that WAS the problem. it was under another post and directed directly to Alyssa

.Alyssa> brb. food.

.StarrLite> I wish that dang dog would make up his Sheesh

.Deb> Lets pout it under the brainstorming thing (isn't there one?) and see what we get

.StarrLite> good idea

.StarrLite> she already saw my ideas. lol

.Alyssa> I don't remember half of them! I saved them somewhere, I just can't find em.


.StarrLite> LOL

.Deb> Do we want to apply for awards? (Judy suggested a tacky way to get visits, but some may stay)

.Alyssa> brb. again.

.StarrLite> what do you mean by "apply" for awards? you mean from somewhere else??

.Deb> from everywhere else!

.StarrLite> I have this kewl award (picked it up as a joke) called Pentameter Man! LOL!!

.Deb> They come and check out your site, and give you a link on a links page

.StarrLite> oh, okay!

.Deb> I wanna see it!

.Deb> we place their award on a page with a link back to their site in return

.StarrLite> Oh shoot!! It's gone....forgot! I deleted it with a bunch of other junk..was cleaning house in here. LOL

.Deb> you can put all awards on one page

.Deb> oh well...

.StarrLite> wouldn't that look a little too congested..all awards on one page?

.StarrLite> wouldn't it look a little nicer spread out a or two on each page?

.StarrLite> dunno...just a thought

.Alyssa> nah. I got thirty or so on one page.

.Deb> no...I have one and if they are placed right, it actually looks good

.StarrLite> lol..I've never seen a page with more than about 5 of them

.Alyssa> well, I went too far.

.Deb> I placed my in tables so they are spaced nicely

.Alyssa> same here.

.Deb> so YES, we apply for awards?

.Alyssa> i vote "yeah"

.StarrLite> shoot...Dad went back to sleep I just know it! I WANNA KNOW!!! <thrashes father with an old typing key>

.StarrLite> okay, I vote yes too!

.Deb> Chris can't get into the room :(

.StarrLite> how come?

.Alyssa> ??????????!

.Deb> Says she crashes...gets to the chat page and thats it...

.StarrLite> that's odd

.Alyssa> *hums twilight zone theme*

.StarrLite> does she have other programs running?

.StarrLite> maybe if she shuts everything down but the browser????

.Deb> she has a mac

.StarrLite> dunno

.StarrLite> ACKKK

.StarrLite> splains that one

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> lol

.Alyssa> Mac Attack

.StarrLite> yep!

.StarrLite> lol

.Deb> said she will try one more time and then shes gonna eat befor trying again...

.StarrLite> k

.Alyssa> maybe it don't like her accent

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> computers are soooo shallow

.StarrLite> no, it just doesn't like the mac accent. hahaha

.Deb> LOL...crashed again :( will try in 20 minutes

.Alyssa> *G*

.Alyssa> maybe nobody else can get in :(

.StarrLite> we could all do the mIRC thang. ???

.Alyssa> not me.

.Deb> don't know what that is...

.StarrLite> was a thought <shrugs>

.StarrLite> you don't know what mIRC is??

.Deb> nope

.StarrLite> WOW!! LOL

.Alyssa> Never learned to use mirc, myself. plus that's where all the WEIIIIIRDOS are ...

.Deb> I have only had this thing since Feb

.StarrLite> will have to educate you someday Deb

.StarrLite> hahaha

.StarrLite> You callin me a wierdo Allysa? ROFL

.Alyssa> YES! lol

.Deb> Have we decided on a list service?

.StarrLite> there's always icq chat

.Alyssa> weirdo is the highest of compliments.

.StarrLite> lol Alyssa

.Alyssa> it is!

.Deb> don't know how to do that with more than 1

.StarrLite> <G> thanks

.Alyssa> me neither, deb.

.StarrLite> I do Deb...drag and drop <G>

.StarrLite> it's not as painful as it sounds. lol

.Alyssa> sausage, egg and toast. at 3 PM

.Deb> drag what and drop where?

.Deb> sounds good Alyssa! I'm hungry

.StarrLite> ya start a chat between you and another, from there, you drag a name and drop in the chat

.Alyssa> reminds me of this disney program where the help file says: step one. Drag the puppy...

.StarrLite> pretty soon you have a full house <G>

.Deb> lol

.StarrLite> lol

.Deb> Maybe we should do that next time?

.StarrLite> I'd do it, but I only have one icq number. lol

.Alyssa> i only use one.

.Deb> what difference does that make?

.StarrLite> no, that's not what I meant....I meant I only have one OTHERS icq number. lol

.Alyssa> LOL

.Deb> OK! lol

.StarrLite> I would need everyone's number to include all in the chat

.Alyssa> they're probably not all on.

.Alyssa> I use ICQ and Powwow. powwow isn't bad.

.StarrLite> never tried powwow

.Deb> I heard of powwow, never used it

.Alyssa> bit of a hassle to set up a new chat room though I think

.Deb> What do you guys think about classifieds?

.Deb> should we have them?

.Alyssa> single writer seeks single writer to..."write".

.StarrLite> I think it's a good idea..yes have them. I've never heard of a classifieds section for writers, and that just may draw many in

.StarrLite> lol Alyssa

.Deb> crit partners, stuff like that

.Alyssa> gotta have personals! *G*

.StarrLite> lol

.Deb> Webrings?

.Alyssa> crit partners? that's a name I haven't heard it called

.Deb> LOL!!!

.Alyssa> gotta have webrings. got to.

.StarrLite> critters. ROFL!!!! Cat Critters!!!!!

.Deb> ROFL

.Alyssa> ROFL

.Deb> I think so too...will bring in more people

.Alyssa> *nearly spews coca cola on screen*

.StarrLite> LOL!!!

.StarrLite> Ya gotta love me! LOL!

.Deb> don't get it on the keyboard *knows from experience*

.Deb> *makes the keys stick*

.Alyssa> you know my mom's friend polly once spewed beer on half the people in the bar when mom said somethin funny. no relevance. just a thought.

.Deb> LOL

.StarrLite> no kidding. I have a $100 keyboard on a shelf from spilling 1/2 of a 20 ouncer inside of it :(

.Alyssa> that'll teach her to drink lol

.Alyssa> it's worse if you spill chocolate fudge on it.

.Deb> I just lost the one that came with it...this is a good keyboard...can't afford to replace it!

.Alyssa> IBM sends you a new keyboard for free with no hassle if you're still under warranty.

.Alyssa> they don't even ask for any proof. free, nice one.

.Alyssa> ma called and asked for a new one and they said "sure, whatever" and sent it. no questions asked.

.StarrLite> I want my split board back! MAN I loved that thing!!

.Deb> didn't get the extended warranty on the a microsoft softtouch now...carpel tunnel and this one is ergonomic

.Alyssa> how on earth would a person get used to that?

.StarrLite> I hate this tiny fight with your fingers over the keys board!!!

.Deb> Thats what I got and I love it!

.StarrLite> that's what I ruined!!

.Alyssa> i like typing. cause I do it so fast. *brags*

.Alyssa> lol

.StarrLite> lol Alyssa...what's yer wpm's?

.Deb> LOL

.Alyssa> 70. when i try.

.StarrLite> hubby says I sound like a ticker tape machin e

.Alyssa> which isn't often.

.StarrLite> me too..65 to 70 on average

.Deb> I'm lucky to hit 40...on a good day

.Alyssa> I go about sixty when I'm noit trying.

.Alyssa> <G> well, these hands can do lots of miraculous things.

.StarrLite> I have 90 bursts on occasion...but that's OCCASION! LOL

.Alyssa> not. not noit. that's, what, irish?

.StarrLite> LOL Alyssa

.Deb> you guys put me to shame!

.Alyssa> nah. not everybody can be so perfect

.StarrLite> lol

.Deb> OK back to work!

.Alyssa> i don't expect people to live up to MY example LOL

.StarrLite> Deb, I was at 40 when I got mIRC the first time...those chat programs are what got my speed up

.Alyssa> WORK!

.StarrLite> k

.Deb> who want to find webrings or do you want me to look for them?

.Alyssa> I can't handle those too right now, so not me.

.Deb> Then put up a post for everyone to decide which we use

.StarrLite> I can hunt around and see what I come up with. Is there a certain criteria of webring we are looking for??

.Deb> writng ones?

.StarrLite> LOL..knew THAT much! hahaha

.Alyssa> you might try any writing one with high traffic.

.Deb> I know there is a poetry one or 2

.Deb> how do we find out traffic stats?

.Alyssa> go to it lists every webring on earth, plus their stats.

.StarrLite> I'll pick out the one's with the 30 awards on the front page. LOL

.Alyssa> all webrings are made through them.

.Alyssa> if the webring only has, like, 2 sites in it, it's probably not a good one.

.StarrLite> got it

.Alyssa> Webring lists the number of sites in the ring, how much traffic they get, and how to join.

.StarrLite> <taking notes>

.Alyssa> they also have a list of the "Most Popular".

.Deb> Starr is gonna take care of this?

.StarrLite> sure

.Alyssa> *applause*

.Deb> Thank You!

.StarrLite> you're welcome

.Deb> List Service? who should we use?

.Alyssa> the StarrMaster. wait, stairmaster...

.StarrLite> now that's something I "really" know nothing about

.StarrLite> LOL Alyssa

.Alyssa> uhhh...let's see...I'm on Makelist...

.Deb> stairmaster is tooo much work!

.Alyssa> I've heard it's one of the best. and free.

.StarrLite> I posted a "where is everyone" thing on the board. lol

.Deb> Do we need ot have our page done before we apply?

.Alyssa> yesterday was friday the thirteenth. we may never see them again.

.StarrLite> good question

.Alyssa> page should be finished before applying for awards OR webrings.

.Alyssa> a lot of them list "finished" as their criteria.

.StarrLite> lol Alyssa, everything bad that could happen did on this end! sheesh!

.Deb> Yes...what about the list service?

.Alyssa> We can get that anytime.

.StarrLite> ok, so we're gathering for when it "is" finished. works for me

.Alyssa> tis an evil, evil daly, starr.

.Alyssa> day. i mean.

.Deb> Should we each have it on our pages too or just the front page?

.Alyssa> sheesh.

.StarrLite> I can't vote on that Deb, I don't know anything about them at ALL

.Alyssa> front page OUGHT to be enough, but some people aren't real bright. might should put it at the bottom of every page.

.Deb> As soon as it is done, the quicker we get the webrings up, the sooner we get traffic!

.Alyssa> Just some subscribe instructions...

.StarrLite> righty-o

.Alyssa> the sooner we get the readers!

.Deb> I think at the bottom of every page too...some people are lazy...know I am!

.StarrLite> lol

.Alyssa> hey, does anybody have a rewriteable CDROM?

.StarrLite> I don't

.Alyssa> "oohh, I'm so tired, I can't lift my finger to go HOME"

.Alyssa> brb

.StarrLite> I almost picked up a flatbed scanner tho. LOL

.StarrLite> k Alyssa

.Deb> I wish!

.StarrLite> my CDRom doesn't work at all.....I won't even bother until I get a new computer. This thing has been hexed I think! lol

.Deb> Should we all include links on our e-mail signatures?

.StarrLite> yes

.StarrLite> deffinatly

.Deb> One to the front page and one to our columns?

.Alyssa> back. think about it: one has a rewriteable. we get popular. so we put newsletter archives on CDROM and sell em. think?

.Alyssa> yes!

.Deb> I like that!

.StarrLite> hey, that's thinking bigtime. LOL

.Alyssa> i like money. money is KEWL. <G>

.StarrLite> LOL

.Deb> definitely!

.Alyssa> we can still do that with disks though.

.StarrLite> that how you spell that? LOL...thank God for spell check or I'd be doomed! <G>

.Alyssa> of course if we get lots of them, they won't all fit on disks.

.Deb> Keep archives on site for ? long and after that we start gathering them on cdrom?

.Alyssa> I don't know. six months to a year at least???

.Alyssa> CDs can hold a bazillion issues you know.

.Deb> OK...a year, unless it becomes too space requiring?

.StarrLite> does anyone really care about "old" issues tho?

.Alyssa> that would be good. they won't take too much space if you save them "text only"...

.Alyssa> they will eventually...

.StarrLite> ya think?

.Alyssa> but they won't pay MUCH for them I figure.

.Deb> It would all depend on the type of information that was provided, and links of course

.StarrLite> I never cared to bother with old issues of anything...was just happy with current issues only.

.Alyssa> of course.

.StarrLite> could be. dunno

.Deb> I did when I was researching for a college paper

.Alyssa> this is sorta different though, in that it's timeless information. a lot of it, anyway.

.StarrLite> well that's true!!

.Alyssa> some of the same info will probably apply centuries later.

.Alyssa> and I'm SURE they'll still be reading them by that time.

.Alyssa> <G>

.Deb> Ok What do you guys think about listing it with the free sites when it is done? Lots of them have sections for FREE newsletters.

.Alyssa> good idea!

.Deb> would increase traffic

.Alyssa> and when we find good writing sites, we COULD do a reciprocal link thing...

.Deb> OK

.StarrLite> there are thousands of free sites, the more you list the better. However, that's an awful lot of work, and may be best if everyone vowed to list with 5 to 10 sites a piece since all ad's have to be

.StarrLite> renewed approx monthly

.Alyssa> do you guys think we should put up ad banners when/if lots of people start coming?

.Deb> Have it posted in the Tripod Newsletter? Is that where our page is?

.Alyssa> I don't know WHERE our page is.

.StarrLite> ad banners, definitely!!

.StarrLite> but we should wait to see how things turn out before we get too over zealous

.Deb> Yeah, ads & banners, especially for the bookstores online

.Alyssa> yes.

.Alyssa> I think Amazon has one of those little set-ups.

.Deb> We gotta keep the future of it in mind or we won't ever get there!

.Deb> so does Barnes & Noble

.StarrLite> that's true. hmm..2 emails..brb a sec

.Alyssa> I know cybermeals does. not related to writing per se, but related to food, which is related to writing, which is really really cool.

.Deb> The more little things we start working on now, it will be easier when we are ready for them

.Alyssa> i LIKE cybermeals. you use it to order food online. it's then delivered to your house from the nearest cybermeals registered...thing.

.Alyssa> restaurant.

.Deb> We don't have anybody that delivers here...not even pizza!

.Alyssa> us neither. our only pizza hut CLOSED.

.Alyssa> anyway, unless we can write with pizza sauce...

.Deb> I am so hungry!

.Alyssa> LOL

.Alyssa> i got food. *taunts Deb*

.Alyssa> we've got brownies, and kit kats, and...

.Deb> thats chocolate...special food!

.Alyssa> like ambrosia.

.Alyssa> REAL food.

.Deb> Chris is trying again!

.Alyssa> if only keyboards were edible, I'd be considered rational ahahahaha

.StarrLite> okay dad's reply now.

.Alyssa> I'm going to peel off my "intel inside" logo and glue it to my forehead.

.Deb> what did he think?

.Deb> LOL Alyssa!

.Alyssa> what did he think about what?

.Alyssa> !

.StarrLite> I need someone to look at it. I knew something was wrong confirmed it...I'll paste....

.StarrLite> Honestly Paige it was pretty good.. there were a few clumbsy places... where *I

.StarrLite> had to reread

.StarrLite> a line... I wish I could tell you what bothered me but I am not sure.. that

.StarrLite> sure isnt much help is it?

.StarrLite> All in all I thought it was good.. It is just that you were asking me to be

.StarrLite> critical.. and I not tooo

.StarrLite> critical hahahaha..

.StarrLite> PAPA

.Deb> Then you will have all those little men in funny clothes dancing around in your head!

.Alyssa> yup!

.Alyssa> they already are.

.Alyssa> they're going to call their girlfriends and have a pizza party.

.Deb> Well that sounds good...what line was wwrong?

.StarrLite> So it's a little clumbsy. darn. I need input on how to unclumbsy it! LOL

.Alyssa> you know. swallow fish, or whatever it is men do when they get together.

.StarrLite> don't know

.Alyssa> I didn't know there was a B in clumsy???!

.StarrLite> hmmm...isn't there? ROFL

.Deb> Post it and we'll all give input.

.StarrLite> I would die without spell check..I'm tellin ya now! LOL

.Deb> all depends on where you're from and how ya pronounce it!

.Alyssa> you need a clone of me. I can spell anything. when I feel like it.

.StarrLite> Hmm...we're talking a full web page here Deb. Post it? LOL!!!

.Deb> me too...and a walking phone book.

.Alyssa> *don't do numbers*

.Deb> OK publish it to web!

.Alyssa> i wanna see it! i don't know what it is , but I sure wanna see it!

.StarrLite> Well I definitely need input!! that's for sure

.Deb> You can get a site at Tripod and they let you upload files...easy

.Alyssa> there is a man on my tv dressed as an old woman, only he has a mustache.

.StarrLite> lol Alyssa. what's your email? I'll shoot it over quick like

.Deb> It's the bio thingy


.StarrLite> I don't know how to do that stuff Deb

.Alyssa> aha! bio thingy!

.Alyssa> golly. you mean all this time and I'm not kicked offline yet? NOW WAY

.Alyssa> No.

.Alyssa> i mean.

.StarrLite> deb, throw yours out there two, will cc

.Alyssa> whoopSIE!

.Deb> You click the button that says upload files and you get a page that has a browse button, click it find your file, and upload.

.Alyssa> y'all think I had one too many colas.


.StarrLite> well that sounds easy enough.

.Deb> If not I will post it for ya.

.Deb> if ya want

.StarrLite> hey, this is saved can you both do works??

.Deb> Chris says she read your post Starr...she's here she just can't get in!

.Deb> I can

.Alyssa> I can.

.StarrLite> see...we need another way to do this. maybe we 'should' do the icq thing.

.Deb> OK lets try now?

.StarrLite> I need Alyssa and Chris's icq numbers

.Alyssa> *accidentally goes to Canada Bulletin Board.

.StarrLite> email on it's way

.Alyssa> *

.Alyssa> 10363922

.Alyssa> that's mine.

.Alyssa> send that bad boy on

.StarrLite> lol

.Deb> 20931008 Chris

.Alyssa> I didn't know you was in WV

.Deb> Are ya doing it Starr?

.Alyssa> I got it! your on my contact list.

.StarrLite> loaded the numbers

.StarrLite> here we go..brb

.StarrLite> Deb, get rid of the busy signal. LOL

.Deb> what do ya mean?

.Alyssa> the do not disturb...

.StarrLite> that scroll paper

.Deb> got it!


.Deb> 1380427--message Starr and she will bring you in with us!!!

.StarrLite> - signed off -

_** STORMDANCED just joined "Rest Stop Newsletter Staff Room" (3 members now) **

.Stormdanced> I'm late..

.Stormdanced> understatement?

.Stormdanced> <G> okay, Jo...they're not speaking to you cause you're late

.Stormdanced> Only 2 1/2 hours...not so bad

.Alyssa> - signed off -


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