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The Last of a Dying Breed


It's a terrible thing

To watch a man die

Seeing the pain on his face

And the tears in his eyes


It's not a natural death

Or a quick death, be assured

But a slow death by chemicals--Dioxin

Government procured


We called our boys--

"Come fight this war"

They answered our call

On some distant shore


Off to the jungles

And we sprayed to kill weeds

Our boys were sprayed too

Making them a dying breed


The Government denies

What they did to those boys

Who now are all men

With more sorrows than joys


Day after day

The Dioxin grows strong

Ravaging their bodies

They won't be here long


Each man that still lives

Is proof of the deed

The Government denies

Creating a Dying Breed


Dedicated to Agent Orange Veterans




Deb's Place



©fall1998 DebBrewer

All Rights Reserved Internationally