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Delphi didn't send me the chat log but I kept notes during.

Here is what we talked about:


Columns: No decisions were made regarding

  1. Needs further Discussion

Mission Statement: No decisions were made regarding

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  1. Need to know who has experience in this area
  1. If financially viable
  1. Need more information


  1. Choose award recipients

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  1. Regular feature?
  2. Will we have a rota-system?
  3. Who will write for?
  4. More than one item of interest?
  5. Benefits?
  6. Q&A input from subscribers?


Deb, Starr, Alyssa, and Chris made the meeting. This is not a majority of the NewsLetter Staff, so if anyone does not agree with the decisions made, they are open for further discussion. Please feel free to post any comments on any topic we discussed or did not discuss.



Deb J