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Deb Brewer
Staff Coordinator
Writing with Children about... 
The most challenging aspect of being a writer and a mother is occupying my children while I write.  These useful tips should allow you some quality time to devote to your work!
Encourage the budding writer within your child!  Keep extra paper, pencils, and crayons on hand so that he/she may "write" their own story.
Keep a "special" coloring book and crayons at your desk.  This only works well when you save this book for emergencies!  Keep other coloring books handy for daily use and save the "special one for when you need it the most!
Puzzles are another useful item.  These will keep your child occupied for quite some time so that you may write.
If your children are school age, write during homework time.  This is not a good time to plan for accomplishing something major since most children require help with their studies, but it useful for researching or editing.
Most writers will encounter deadlines at one time or another.  This is a good time to take a trip to the video store.  Rent a movie your child has never seen before.  Regardless of their age, this tactic will always work!
When all else fails, there is one final option: you must wait until bedtime!  Take care of all of your other household responsibilities throughout the evening; then, when it is finally bedtime, you will have the peace and quiet you need! 

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