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Deb Brewer
Staff Coordinator
Time Management
Getting It All Done!
Keep a calendar:

A small calendar can go everywhere with you!  Use it to keep a record of your writing, submissions, due dates for contests.  It is also useful for jotting down story ideas and thoughts on the go!

Use small blocks of time you usually waste:

There are many times during the day when you can make time to write or organize your thoughts so when you have time it is not wasted! 

  • Doing dishes:  while the dishwasher is running or dishes are drying
  • Laundry: while waiting on a load to dry or finish washing
  • Folding clothes:  read (reaearch) with the help of a book holder (like for cookbooks)
  • Floors:  decide what you will write next while vacuuming, sweeping, mopping
  • Work (lunch, break): plan on what you need to do later-write it in the calendar
Find a place at home where you can do quality writing.  Pick a time when your household is the least hectic.
Make a list of what you need (want) to accomplish for the day.
Not everything we plan to accomplish in one day is possible.  Be realistic and set your goals within reason.  If you do not meet those goals, do not feel bad about it.  Simply move those to the top of tomorrow's list.
Ask for help when needed.  Your other half will not mind pitching in if you explain why you need help.  Whether it be a deadline or a personal goal, if it is not daily, they will understand.  Make certain to return the favor so you have help the next time you ask.
Above all, stay motivated!  Don't let rejection letters discourage you.  Keep at it.  Revise if necessary and send your work off again.  File those rejection letters away.  Do not leave them out where you see them every time you sit down to write.
Fear is a strong emotion.  Do not let fear keep you from trying to have your writing published.  Never underestimate your writing ability.  This is an easy trap to fall into.
Note: While writing this article I did two loads of laundry and most of the dishes are done!  I left the screen up and came back to it every time I sat down.  You do not have to be more organized to accomplish this, just plan what you are writing next while doing other things!

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